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Why the modular solar hybrid inverter can be sustained revenue
Why the modular solar hybrid inverter can be sustained revenue

According to market statistics, in 2021, the newly installed capacity of domestic electrochemical energy storage will reach 1.87GW/3.49GWh, and the newly installed capacity of non-pumped storage will reach 2.09GW. Meanwhile, according to the latest release of the American Clean Energy Association, the installed capacity of the utility-scale battery energy storage system deployed in China reached 2.6GW/10.8GWh, which was 1.5-3 times that of China. Moreover, huge demand is also waiting to be tapped in Australia, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The export-oriented characteristics of the domestic energy storage market of ‘production inside China, export abroad market’ will continue in 2022.

China's domestic dual carbon target and global energy inflation remain high compared to the past, the power sector, such as power generation, grid and large industrial and commercial users, will continue to be the largest downstream energy storage. In particular, the strict implementation of carbon emission reduction in Europe and the encouragement of energy storage purchase subsidy policies in the United States and Australia will still result in a shortage of energy storage equipment in the next 3-5 years. It is expected that the annual shipment of electric energy storage in China in 2022 will be close to 60GWh.

With the continuous expansion of the scale of energy storage operation in response to the market demand, the rapid development of science and technology and the characteristics of new energy systems, people's demand for power will increase. From the present situation and the future layout of the analysis, the inverter plan may still be enough. If not enough, additional capacity expansion can be carried out in the form of parallel. The high frequency inverter can be operated in this way, but the power frequency inverter occupies a large space, which is troublesome to expand. And the current two kinds of centralized or distributed high and power frequency inverters will have maintenance difficulties, the stability and reliability of parallel redundancy performance is not high. So, just think about it, a simple installation, convenient expansion, can do diversification of investment, and the operation of the inverter can maintain stability and high reliability is not to help us improve the constantly changing electricity situation?

As overseas demand for new energy systems continues to explode, it is also driving the pace of China's domestic leading enterprises in the global market. In the 14th five-year Energy storage development plan of China, Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading power quality service provider, designed a special intelligent multi-function power inverter for the development of new energy, which is the TYN-M series modular multi-system hybrid solar inverter. It is composed of solar MPPT controller, charger, rectifier, inverter, static transfer switch, main control circuit and display alarm circuit. According to different working mode Settings, it can work in different power application environments such as solar grid-connected power generation, solar off-grid power supply, solar energy storage, off-peak energy storage, UPS power supply and backup power supply.

The power supply uses solar energy to power the user load through the inverter during the day, and charges the battery to store electric energy. When the remaining energy is fed back to the main grid through the grid-connected inverter; when sunlight is insufficient, solar power is shared with mains or battery packs to supply the load; when there is no PV power, electricity is supplied by mains. If the solar energy and electricity are not available, it will be converted to a backup battery to carry out inverter power supply. If the battery bank is also about to run out, the motor's start signal will be sent and transferred to the generator for power. In this machine, the microprocessor is used in the internal circuit to control the automatic detection management, through the low loss IGBT inverter to achieve high efficiency, low distortion. With internal computer large screen LCD display, more humanized machine debugging. Solar MPPT for photovoltaic energy control can maximize the efficiency of solar energy. At the same time, intelligent battery management can prolong the battery life.

Regard to the modular hybrid solar inverter, the following parts is about what the advantages of modular inverters, the main performance characteristics, the difference between them and traditional inverters and why the return on investment is large,

  1. Simple installation, convenient expansion, saving investment

The modular inverter has a different external structure design than the current general purpose inverter. It can install all the individual modules in a standard cabinet, saving footprint and space. On the whole, the module inverter power supply is essentially an inverter, including all inverter functions. The modular inverter adopts the modular design to facilitate installation and expansion. Our customers can add modules to the chassis during construction to improve system reliability. In the early stage of industrial and commercial and even household solar energy system construction, it is easy to produce wrong, too low or too high estimate of the capacity and load demand of the inverter. The expansion module structure of modular inverter can solve this problem well, so that the customer's investment is more controllable.

  1. Parallel redundancy, stable operation, high reliability

In the current solar energy system inverter part of the product, there has been a single inverter single point of failure problem. The existing solutions and preventive safety measures provided by mainstream manufacturers are "1+1" or "N+1" configuration. Such a security layout is easy to cause a large waste of equipment; fault tolerance rate is only once. In the design of modular inverter power supply system, all power modules play the role of sharing the load of the system evenly, and all parallel modules are through intelligent digital control technology to carry out self-inspection and fault analysis. After digital transformation of sine wave voltage, leading the operation of new solutions to meet the actual needs of guests. When any module fails (including the system control module), its redundancy design will give full play to its effectiveness, fully ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and achieve the maximum redundancy of failure. At the same time, users can choose redundancy with more than one fault tolerance rate according to their needs. The availability of the N+X modular array is higher than that of the 1+1 parallel array, and the recovery time is shorter when a fault occurs.

  1. Easy maintenance, online processing, high availability

Modular inverters can reduce on-site maintenance. When a fault occurs, if there is a spare module, the client can maintain it by itself without the assistance of professionals, thus reducing the maintenance time and maintaining the effective operation of the system.

From the current global for energy storage market's massive expansion of investment, conventional models of inverter occupies a larger market share, with the current market development dividend, so both modular inverter power supply and heyday of conventional inverter, have irreplaceable characteristics, each other can't say a short period of time will occupy a bigger share of the product. However, Aerospace Baykee as a leading energy provider, we hope to be able to grasp the development trend of our guests in advance through our sense of market changes, and become and experience technological innovation products in the new energy industry first.

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