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Why the low frequency UPS can act as a guardian of electrical power supply
Why the low frequency UPS can act as a guardian of electrical power supply

Electric power energy has a long history in the process of modernization, and it seems to be a common thing in the use of electric power. However, the power supply provided by the municipal power grid looks very normal and stable, but it seems that the power is not reliable in a considerable number of areas. Seemingly normal electricity is actually dangerous. The safe and reliable operation of power grid is an important guarantee for maintaining the economic development of the masses and people's living standard. Therefore, due to the power supply interruption caused by power grid failure, the economic loss, as well as industrial and commercial, and even social impact is often very serious. According to relevant statistics, about 80% of the accidents causing power outages are caused by distribution network faults.

The situation of power interruption in the household electricity has made the user's mood become anxious, so we think about the communication, banking, securities, transportation, electricity, industry, municipal and other public industries in the power interruption will be what kind of consequences?

On the one hand, in the case of power interruption, this will cause the loss of user data, communication interruption and business opportunities caused by the delay, so the direct loss can reach tens of thousands of more dollars per minute; the economic costs of equipment outages, instrumentation failures and surgical disruptions are incalculable. On the other hand, in the case of power pollution, the transient peak, power surge, high voltage pulse caused by servers, routers, disk arrays and other equipment hardware damage; harmonic pollution, line noise, frequency fluctuations caused by the network transmission error rate increase and the emergence of data transmission speed.

In either case, they illustrate a fundamental problem: you lack an uninterrupted power system that can guarantee and solve grid problems. As a matter of fact, many industrial and commercial power users feel confused when they are faced with a wide range of power equipment. It is to constantly buy different products and test them by yourself, which is a palliative rather than a cure for project planning and implementation. In order to quickly and reliably implement a project, the ability to improve real case analysis and reliable solution is worth focusing on when sourcing suppliers. Therefore, among the power supply solutions for different large industrial and commercial operations, I suggest the ON-LINE UPS of the CHP series.

The CHP3000 series online UPS is a three phase in & three phase out intelligent uninterrupted power system with a capacity from 10KVA to 800KVA. It is widely used in Iraq, The Philippines, Pakistan and other parts of the world, allowing guests to get a solid guarantee from the use of power resources.

Aerospace Baykee, leading power quality service provider, is a factory direct sales industrial UPS system. Our own professional team for all the software and hardware of the product is independent research and development configuration, using full digital control technology, industrial power supply and product performance is stable. The function of the product is complete, with a systematic, comprehensive schedule management. And in the key components is to choose Germany imported IGBT power module and Semikron’s thyristor. And all the PCBA circuit board to achieve independent research and development and production.

Baykee is committed to listening to the actual needs of customers, for power frequency UPS power has been deeply committed to improve the high availability of the machine.

  1. Machine parallel design

Realize N+X redundant parallel design, in case of sudden power conditions or natural disasters, the redundant machine can achieve hot plug function, to avoid information loss to the greatest extent. Parallel system battery pack realizes shared design up to 8 machines in parallel.

  1. Strong unconventional customization capability

Dual power supply can be realized at the input end, and the rectifier and bypass end are connected separately. Baykee, as a UPS manufacturer, has a strong strength of unconventional customization, to meet the requirements of customers for the use of electricity.

  1. High practicability and efficiency

With UPS/ECO/EPS three-in-one working mode, built-in isolation transformer of UPS machine to achieve full isolation of input and output. Rectifier and bypass can be phase - consistent input of different source mains, up to 0.9 output power factor. At 6 pulses, the input power factor exceeds 0.9; It can reach more than 0.96 at 12 pulses. The overall efficiency is 92-95% in full load and 98% in ECO mode. In addition, the CHP3000 series machine is equipped with RS232/RS485 communication interface and additional SNMP interface to achieve remote control.

  1. Strong adaptability to environment

All self-designed circuits adopt the three-proof process.

The range of input voltage (-25%~+25%), without reducing rated power;

The range of output voltage (±1 within steady state~ ±3% within volatility);

The range of input and output frequency (50Hz±10% ,60Hz±10%).

The main machine is equipped with CLASS C lightning protection device, equipped with dustproof filter to make the protection level can reach IP31, and the machine is equipped with cooling fan to meet multi-stage intelligent speed regulation.

Looking at this, you might be wondering: Where would such a machine fit in? Then, the following part shows reference Application Scenarios:

Application characteristics Application scope and specific supporting system
1Industrial UPS power supply (stable product performance) strong environmental adaptability, strong load characteristics

2Three working modes (UPS、ECO、EPS)

3Input and output are isolated

1Application field: Transport industry (railways, highways and airports)

(1) Industry characteristics: poor working environment (more dust), mostly unattended;

(2) Supporting system: transportation industry control system, including toll collection system, highway tunnel room, load types, which requires UPS to adapt to complex working environment, and the characteristics of strong load characteristics.

2、Application field: Electric power, petrochemical, military, medical and other industries

(1) Industry characteristic: Features of high working stability, multiple load types and strong impact resistance;

(2) Supporting system: It is mainly used in the centralized control center of the industry, including the power supply of computers, servers, control cabinets, valves and so on. The anti-load impact ability of power frequency UPS has been recognized by customers in the industry.

3、Application field: Municipal, manufacturing and other industries with high environmental requirements for electricity

(1) Industry characteristic: In addition to stability, UPS energy saving is also required.

(2) Supporting system: Baykee UPS has three working modes, according to the actual situation of the site, flexible choice of working mode, improve the adaptability of the product site, ECO mode overall efficiency is more than 98%


If you do not already have a trusted power supplier, choose Aerospace Baykee, and let Aerospace Baykee power products for your project electricity escort!


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