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What the outdoor application portable system is
What the outdoor application portable system is

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) 'Electricity Storage and Renewable Energy: A Cost and Market Study 2030', global storage capacity will increase threefold by 2030 if the share of renewable energy in energy systems doubles. In the base scenario, the report proposes that by 2030, global installed energy storage capacity will increase by 42% to 68% from 2017, and if renewable energy growth is strong, the installed energy storage capacity will increase by 155% to 227%.

The focus on climate change has become a global consensus, and a new round of industrial revolution has been fired, so the driving force leading the transformation of the energy industry and promoting the realization of innovation-driven development will be the continuous progress of energy technology. Nowadays, energy technology has been regarded as an important breakthrough of emerging scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution by major countries and regions in the world. From the multi-dimensional perspective of energy strategy, various energy technology plans are made, measures are taken to promote energy technological innovation and enhance their international competitiveness. In this context, the latest developments in energy technology development also indicate the global influence of future energy development trends.

In the age of petroleum industry, petroleum generators brought electricity by consuming fuel through internal combustion engines, making the global economy enter the industrial age and get rapid development. However, with the progress of society and the development of global energy towards low carbon, green and high efficiency, petroleum generators rely on thermal efficiency conversion power generation appears to be very inefficient and continue to consume fossil energy, increasing pollution and damage to the environment. Heavy, bulky machines require more labor and resources to transport to the power areas. Because the petroleum generator needs combustion mode to operate, there are great security risks and need regular maintenance to ensure the efficiency of the internal combustion engine is stable. What's more, the noise generated by the operation of oil-powered generators is very loud, which often affects the relatively quiet occasions, such as medical treatment, rescue and field investigation. However, imagine that battery storage has already played an important role in changing the structure of energy storage installations, acting as a power source in the electric energy system during peak load periods. Because of the rapid development of energy storage technology, the energy system has shown significant changes. If the current fixed energy storage power station can be developed to allow ocean and road transportation, with a high degree of mobility without geographical restrictions, it can turn the previously generators into efficient, clean and energy saving. Isn't that a great idea?

Based on the development of electrification and advanced lithium battery technology, the demand for energy storage power is gradually revealed. Aerospace Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Co., Ltd. is as the backbone enterprise of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited, which is engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge power electronics technology. Therefore, the above vision has been realized, and that is the portable lithium ion battery system. The item of portable lithium ion battery system can be applied to communication operators, different communication base stations of the company and some situations with special requirements, such as machine fire, medical rescue, communication exploration, field investigation and so on. Beside, another operating environments include, some petroleum generators do not meet the conditions of access and transport difficulties; Some enterprises and institutions and the application of field operations. Even, the general family in outdoor camping and travel can meet the practical conditions, the operation is very convenient.

Regard to the portable lithium ion system, the following parts are about the design concept to know about this hot trend products,

  1. Portable design

In the generator to past usage scenario analysis, found that has the mobility to boost demand, so Aerospace Baykee joined the pull rod in the product research and development design, the pull ring, and universal wheel, makes this new type of battery energy storage generator portable effect is excellent and convenient transport to use in various scenes.

  1. BMS battery management system

As mentioned above, generator is an important tool for people to use in different scenarios, and the safety link is very important. So how does a battery management system protect the entire machine and the user in a portable system?

In this product, Aerospace Baykee equipped with advanced, self-developed BMS battery management system, the equipped lithium iron phosphate battery real-time monitoring and protection, to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. The battery management system monitors and protects the battery from over temperature, overcurrent, under voltage, high voltage, overcharge, SOC low alarms, overcurrent alarms, and battery over temperature alarms.

  1. Integrate multiple power and communication ports

In this system, Aerospace Baykee sets up two different capacities of 3KVA and 5KVA. The 3KVA system uses 51.2V50ah lithium iron phosphate batteries and 51.2V100Ah for 5KVA systems. To meet the power usage requirements in different scenarios, the system integrates multiple power interfaces to realize AC and DC load usage, backup, and communication requirements. In addition, the 5KVA system currently supports photovoltaic charging, allowing for better battery life in outdoor scenarios.

  1. Comparison with Petroleum generator

As the above showing diagram, the dimension and weight for portable systems are smaller than the generator with trolley case and wheels that easy to carry. Then, the characteristics of portable systems with maintenance-free, noise-free and exhaust -free are the vital factors for energy revolution requirement.

Moreover, the portable lithium battery system can be combined with two operation modes.

  1. Up to six unidirectional parallel machines, with the maximum output power up to 30KW.
  2. 6 parallel machines support 3-phase load.The maximum single-phaseoutput is up to 30KW, and the maximum single-phase output is up to 20KW. Simply set up the interface and connect the wires according to the regulations to redundant and parallel machines, master and slave random definition, one of the failure will not affect the normal work of other machines.

The application of portable system is becoming lower and lower due to its light weight, high capacity, high power and multiple functions of modern energy. Portable systems provide customers with convenient mobile power solutions, especially in outdoor activities, rescue and disaster relief in different situations to play a greater application value. The energy storage cabinet power supply plays a strong supporting role in the absorption of new energy and off-grid power supply, ensuring the stability of power supply to the grid. If you and your groups are interested in participating in the experience of the process of energy, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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