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What kind of ups(uninterrupted power source) will choose for my Telecom base station/ home/ or office data center?
What kind of ups(uninterrupted power source) will choose for my Telecom base station/ home/ or office data center?

Which kind of uninterrupted power source we Baykee have?

Baykee as a ups manufacturer and supplier in China, foshan city. Having been in the ups field for nearly eleven years, we have manufactured ups from 1kva to 1000kva, 18 types of products, covered 15 field and industry. Baykee have the outdoor ups, emergency power supply, line interactive ups, telecom base station ups, fire lighting eps, IDC cooling system, modular ups, offline ups, solar inverter or said solar ups, Metro and rail ups, suit for different needs.

What is the function of those ups?

As mentioned, EPS is for emergency lighting in case of fire or any emergency, offer the electric power to the light, keep the safe for the user. Uninterrupted power source is used for the equipment like machine, computer, CT or other hospital equipment, telecom base or any else, to keep no break power supply in case of the electric off, guard the electric use safety. Modular ups or the IDC data center, always used for the server and main loads for a whole building or factory, it is used to keep the server no break work, guard the data without any loss. Outdoor ups or railway and metro ups used for the whole lines of trains, tunnels, the fire emergency and city public monitoring.

What kind of ups (uninterrupted power source) will suit for your need?

  1. You should know What is your load? Load means the equipment you will connected with the ups, sometimes must be office equipment, home use, hospital machine, factory equipment and some other equipment which need no break power supply.
  2. The target price of ups you want to purchase. The price of uninterrupted power source is different based on its model and capacity. Meantime, the high frequency and low frequency price also be very different. High frequency online ups have higher efficiency, and low frequency ups can supply the linear load more stable. Based on customer’s need.
  3. Base on different preference. The design of ups and working theory even his function can also be the choice for the users.

Why we must choose Baykee’s ups?

According to different feedback from our client in China or other countries and regions, because of various type of ups, good reputation, and many successful project, our ups is the best choice for them. We dedicated in the ups for 11 years, our ups covers different field, all those ups suit for different need, can meet the market, what is more, get a best user experience. And our presale and after sale service is very good, we can offer the best power quality solution for you, and give you a satisfied 7-24hours service. We have various ups type, welcome to learn more details on our web or add our facebook Baykee ups.

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