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What is wifi monitor solar charge controller? The strength of solar charge controller China manufacturer?
What is wifi monitor solar charge controller? The strength of solar charge controller China manufacturer?

In order to protect the battery and prevent overcharging, the charging controller is included in most solar power generation systems. The most basic function is to cut off the charging current when the battery is full. Because the charging characteristics of various batteries are different, it should be based on The battery type selects the charging controller to use. The wifi monitor solar charge controller connect the wife monitor modular via the communication port RS485 to realize the wifi and pc control and monitor function.


What is the strength of solar charge controller China manufacturer Baykee?


As a professional solar charge controller China manufacturer, Baykee have the latest solar charge controller technology. Baykee’s wifi monitor solar charge controller, have three parts, MPPT solar charge controller, Wifi Cloud agent, our Baykee cloud system. MPPT solar charge controller is the latest MPPT technology. MPPT provides the maximum available power from the PV array to the battery pack, generating more than 30% power than the PWM charge controller. Various capacity can be choose, 48v50a, 48v100a to 384v100a, suit for different off grid solar inverter. Baykee’s wifi monitor, mainly connect to the communication port, and can get all the solar data, battery data, input and output data, it can get the latest info of the solar panel, power generation. 7-24hours real time monitor. Wifi cloud agent can realize monitor by cellphone app and web. Login in Baykee’s management system, can get the detailed information of solar inverter installed locally.

Besides, we have the professional technical team to support the technology and presale and after sale service, our company have big factory 1-10 floor in foshan city, we have the enough technology ability and funds. Baykee is the well-known company not only in China but also overseas.


The video is solar charge controller China manufacturer Baykee cloud system, we can see some Baykee’s project in China and overseas. Not only the solar system but also the ups system, can get the real time data, and realize the 7-24 hours monitor. Solar pv panel details, battery data, load data...etc.


Welcome to learn more details on our web. We can design a suitable solar system for our clients.

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