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What is the OPZV battery? How is the market for the ups battery supplier?
What is the OPZV battery? How is the market for the ups battery supplier?

The OPzV battery series is designed with a colloidal electrolyte and a tubular positive plate. It also has the advantages of a valve-controlled battery (maintenance-free) and an open battery (floating/circulating life), making it ideal for use with a backup time of 1 to 20 hours. Due to the fact that it is not restricted by the use environment or maintenance conditions, the OPzV battery series is suitable for environments with large temperature differences and unstable grids, or for long-term renewable energy storage systems.

What is the characteristics of the OPzV battery?

For the OPzV battery, the colloid is formed by ruthenium particles that are actively small but have a large surface area. When the ruthenium particles are dispersed in the electrolyte, a three-dimensional chain network is formed, and a microporous system having a diameter of 0.1 mm to 1 mm is derived. Entrapped by strong capillary phenomena, the electrolyte is locked into the microporous system. Therefore, even if the battery case is inadvertently broken, electrolyte leakage does not occur. A small amount of micropores are not filled by the electrolyte, forming a void for oxygen to pass through. Oxygen migrates from the positive electrode to the negative electrode and then recombines into moisture, thus eliminating the need for regular water addition. The use of colloidal technology has completely changed the concept of UPS backup power, allowing users to have more autonomy in different fields. Since the level of gas generation is almost negligible, the OPzV battery is allowed to be mounted in a cabinet or rack, in the office or even next to the equipment. This increases space utilization and reduces installation and maintenance costs. However, care must be taken to comply with the safety and ventilation conditions specified by the State.

How is the market for the UPS battery supplier?

Now the OPzV battery is widely used in the online ups system, solar pv system and the new energy storage system. For its advantage, OPzV battery is becoming the first choice for the market. As the UPS battery supplier, we supply the lead acid battery, gel battery, OPzV battery, lithium battery etc. And now present, more and more clients choose the OPzV battery for the ups system and solar pv system for its stability and longer using time. In the long term, the OPzV battery will bring more and more good feedback from the market.

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