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What is the ATS, and the applicant of ATS, UPS and EPS?
What is the ATS, and the applicant of ATS, UPS and EPS?

The ATS is a switcher, and the dual power supply uses the ATS automatic switching function.

Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is mainly used in emergency power supply systems. It is a switch gear that automatically switches the load circuit from one power supply to another (standby) power supply to ensure continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Therefore, ATS is often used in important places of use, and its product reliability is particularly important. Failure to do so will result in the following hazards: short circuits between power supplies or power outages at critical loads are severe. This will not only bring economic losses (stop production, financial stagnation), but also social problems (making life and safety at risk). Therefore, industrialized countries have listed the production and use of automatic transfer switch electrical appliances as the focus, and limit and standardize them.


EPS is an emergency backup power supply, which is a static backup power system and is mostly used in lighting systems. There is a matching battery pack, which can be used for long-term emergency lighting. The switching time is about 0.05-0.12S. Specially suit for emergency lighting system, fire emergency system, always be a good choice for the building, factory and warehouse.



No break UPS is an uninterrupted power supply with functions covering EPS, strong emergency performance, multi-purpose, wide range of applications, mainly used in major power systems, such as data center servers, medical equipment, computers, and so on. High capacity UPS power supplies are now used in various industries. High frequency single phase ups can be divided into two types of built-in battery and external battery pack. UPS power supply 0ms switching time. 3 phase ups choose the external ups, as the capacity is larger than 10kva, and low frequency high capacity ups have large transformer built inside. What is more, our ups can work in parallel, in some special places, the redundant parallel ups is also warmly welcomed, it offer double guarantee for the ups system.


The video is our ATS (Automatic transfer switch), it has been divided into three parts. The first part is the bottom, for indicator, mains, charging, emergency, default indicator. The second part is for for normally used DELIXI or INFINI Switch, also can choose high quality switch according to clients’ need, in the video it choose Schneider switch. To offer more safety transfer and guard for the whole power supply for the users. The third part is the place to put the battery, battery chose based on clients’ need about the backup time, usually can be 1hour to 3 hours. All the components above can be customized, welcome tosend us the inquiry, if you needed.


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