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What is Double conversion online ups? Why we need the double conversion online ups?
What is Double conversion online ups? Why we need the double conversion online ups?

The double conversion online UPS converts the mains into DC, and charges the battery while supplying the inverter of the next stage. The inverter then converts the DC of the rectifier or battery into an AC supply load. This type of UPS conversion The time to battery power supply is 0, and can eliminate various harassment in the mains, mainly used for high-power UPS and very important load. The UPS of 3kVA or above on the market is basically this type of UPS. The frequently welcomed capacity is UPS 40KVA, 30KVA UPS and 60kva ups, some special high capacity 100kva ups and more is also very widely applicant in some factories and education industry.

The double conversion online ups can be used on sophisticated equipment. In case of power failure, the equipment will be damaged. The UPS has the effect of stabilizing the frequency. The most

important thing is that it has an uninterrupted effect. Reduce the harmonics from the grid and Magnetic interference from the equipment, offer the pure sine wave form to the loads, effectively extend the using life of the equipment. So this kind of ups can be used in the hospital field, like CT machine, X ray machine and so on.

In the video, you can see some double conversion online ups wait for packed, 40kva, 60kva, and 100kva, 400kva ups. Our factory has large production capacity, normally, some hot sale type or capacity have enough stock, can be delivered in 7 days. And for special designed type, can be delivered in 30-40days. Besides, we also can do the OEM and ODM for the clients, from design to packing.

The characteristic of double conversion online ups:

(1) it completely isolates the load from the mains power supply, and can provide voltage and frequency-stabilized AC power for the load under

any circumstances;

(2) There is no power interruption during the process of switching the UPS to the energy storage mode when the utility power is cut off;

(3) allowing a wide range of input voltage variation; (4) the output voltage accuracy is high;

The disadvantage of the double-conversion UPS is that the load power of 100% load is rectified and inverted twice in normal mode, and the loss is large, which affects the improvement of system efficiency. So it has self loss during work, and if the clients need higher efficiency, it will not be a good choice for them. Our high frequency online ups also can be a reference. The power factor can reach 1. Price also be lower than the low frequency double conversion ups. So it depends which type of ups you will choose.

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