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Precautions for UPS Power Source Installation
Precautions for UPS Power Source Installation

UPS power source is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and other enterprises and institutions. The main function of UPS PC is to provide continuous power supply for the unit in the state of power failure, so as to ensure the normal operation of computer network system and other application systems and effectively avoid data loss. Before using the power supply, how to install and use the UPS power supply?

一、 Installation Precautions

The installation quality of UPS directly affects the long-term operation of UPS system in the future, especially the large and medium UPS, so the large and medium UPS should be standardized from planning to installation. Generally speaking, UPS installation mainly considers the following factors: grid situation, load capacity, characteristics, use environment, grounding situation, wiring, switching capacity, etc.

1.Power grid situation

It mainly includes power grid voltage fluctuation range, shutdown frequency, etc. to determine the ups standby time equipment. If necessary, additional protection measures can be added to the front pole of ups.

2.Use environment

Temperature: 0-40 ℃;

Humidity: 10-90%;

Dust: the surrounding environment of UPS equipment shall be kept clean, so as to reduce the corrosion of harmful dust on the internal circuit of ups.

Structure: when UPS is configured with long delay, the uninterruptible power source ups battery may be heavy, so the floor bearing problem should be considered;

Space size: it should be ensured that there is a certain space for engineers when UPS is maintained.


In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the computer system, prevent parasitic capacitance coupling interference, and protect the safety of equipment and personnel, a good grounding system is necessary. In the grounding system, the grounding resistance is used to indicate the grounding quality. Generally, the grounding resistance is less than 5 Ω.

二、 Installation Process

First, before the installation, the operating environment should be clear. When selecting the installation location, it is better to be in an independent room without conductive impurities and equipped with air conditioning. The operating environment should be clean and dry, and corresponding protective measures should be taken. At the same time, the air should be free of dust and corrosive gases. Of course, the air system should be kept in normal operation. Therefore, during installation, the installation environment should meet the following conditions. Operating relative humidity, no condensation, operating temperature in the range of 0 to 40 ℃.

Second, the cabinet should be unpacked and installed, and the damage should be checked at this time. When checking the package, check whether there is any damage or wrong loading. Once there is damage, it should be replaced in time. When unpacking, you should check the model on the front door, which is consistent with the model ordered. And you need to record the model data for future use.

Third, we should also plan the specific path, all passageways should be able to bear the weight of the cabinet. So in this process, we should check the corridor, elevator and slope to see if there is dead ends. At the same time, after the power supply is placed in place, you should also check whether there are other items in the cabinet.

Fourth, after the ups battery system is installed, the total voltage of the battery system, the open circuit voltage of the single battery and the positive and negative polarity shall be carefully checked.

Fifth, when the battery is connected to the charging device or load, the circuit switch is in the off position to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected correctly.

Sixth, check the battery management parameters in the switching power supply monitoring unit, and check whether the relevant parameters are consistent with the manual.


三、 Precautions for Use

1.Do not use UPS for more than the specified load;

2.UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment is equipped with a large capacity battery. Non professionals are not allowed to open the enclosure, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock;

3.If the machine is smoking, please cut off the power supply quickly;

4.In case of fire around, please use dry powder fire extinguisher. Using liquid fire extinguisher may cause electric shock;

5.Please place the ups mains input socket near the UPS equipment, so as to unplug the mains input plug and cut off the power supply in case of emergency.

6.Do not over discharge the ups: after the mains power is cut off, the ups will be powered by the battery. When the battery for ups is used and only one battery indicator is left, the ups shall be shut down immediately to avoid over discharge of the battery. Over discharge of the battery will cause the battery unable to recharge and affect the service life of the battery;

7.During the use of high capacity UPS, if there is no power outage within half a year, it is recommended to do a battery artificial charging and discharging, that is, turn off the mains power. Use the battery to discharge. When there are 2-3 cells left in the battery indicator, reconnect it to the electric supply. Artificial charging and discharging can prolong the service life of the battery;

8.When the battery is charged, it should be charged with a load: the ups will automatically recharge after using the battery power due to power failure. At this time, the ups charging must be carried with the load equipment. At the same time, the load equipment is in the open state, so do not charge with light load or no load;

It is also a knowledge to install and use UPS. In case of incorrect operation, it may cause UPS failure or even personal safety. Therefore, the installation and use shall be guided by relevant staff.

With reliable, efficient and simple design concept, Aerospace Baykee UPS power source can help customers solve the disadvantages of traditional UPS power supply system, such as low power supply efficiency, difficult capacity expansion, poor availability, difficult monitoring and so on, on the premise of ensuring reliable power supply. As one of the most popular UPS equipment manufacturers in the industry, Aerospace Baykee UPS power supply manufacturers provide customers with the best power supply solutions and easily deal with power grid problems. Today, Aerospace Baykee summarizes the UPS problems and the precautions for UPS installation, we hope users can pay attention to when using.



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