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The introduction and principle of UPS project for Bottle production/BK-CHP-1500KVA-F
The introduction and principle of UPS project for Bottle production/BK-CHP-1500KVA-F

1、the brief Introduction of the ups(uninterrupted power supply) project for the bottle production

Uninterrupted power supply that working for Bottle production is BAYKEE design a special for your company. This UPS is supplied for customer electrical devices, but customer’s load wave is unstable, beyond the grid rates and causing voltage and frequency instability at the same time , power failure 1-2 times a week, resulting in the loss to the customer. UPS will be conversion AC that from electric or generator into DC which support storage energy (capacitor and battery), then provide stable sine wave to the load; Internal circuit using a microprocessor-controlled automatic management system , the 6th generation of low loss IGBT inverter, high efficiency, low distortion, large-screen LCD display, more humane, more intuitive.

2、what is the Technology requirements of the ups(uninterrupted power supply):

1、the ups(uninterrupted power supply)capacity : 940kVA
2、Online double conversion ups
3、input voltage range :three phase +N+G , 230/400VAC±20%
4、input frequency range :50Hz±10%
5、ups back-up time: 10mins
6、output voltage: three phase +N , 230/400VAC±2% output frequency : 60Hz±1%

3、The ups System working diagram:

AC input——connected to Grid;
No break ups
Input switch——control the AC input and protect system;
Rectifier——converts AC to DC ;
Inverter ——converts DC to AC;
Inverter static switch——control inverter output;
Bypass static switch——control bypass output
Output switch ——control system output and protection;
Manual bypass switch——ensure the maintenance of stable power supply in the repaired condition.
Ups Battery pack—— provide a certain amount of energy storage for the stability of the power supply for the generator to reduce dynamic buffer;
Charge discharge controller——charging and discharging circuit for controlling energy storage
MCU Control Center——control the operation of the machine,
Display alarm circuit ——intelligent dialogue window, the LED working state instructions, the LCD screen display work parameters, status, and other information;
Communication circuit——external communication interface and remoter monitor with another device

4.what is the System Working principle of ups(uninterrupted power supply)?

The stable power supply is a multiple protection AC power supply device, which has the functions of filtering, voltage stabile, frequency stabile, low harmonic distortion and short time uninterrupted power supply.
The stable power supply adopts online double conversion ups inverter technology, using the ups battery or capacitor to store backup energy.; using 12 pulse rectifier to reduce the reactive power and harmonic effect on the grid; inverter using by high frequency SPWM full bridge, LC low-pass filter, isolation transformer to supply pure sine wave ; through the ups battery groups and the rectifier inverter redunt parallel ups power supply technology, to reduce the dynamic load impact on the grid. The power supply is a new generation of green uninterrupted power supply.When grid is normal, rectifier will transform AC into a stable DC , filtering the interference in the grid, and provide sine wave output, through the static switch to the load, and charge the battery, storage backup energy.

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