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The hybrid solar inverter 100kva installed in Lahore Pakistan.
The hybrid solar inverter 100kva installed in Lahore Pakistan.

After 60days of Baykee’s technician and Baykee Pakistan installation team teamwork, finally the hybrid solar inverter 100kva whole system installed in the Lahore Pakistan, will support the power generation for the factory locally.

As the above showing: Solar energy storage hybrid inverter system consists of solar input, MPPT solar charge controller, grid connected inverter, hybrid inverter, battery pack and input, distribution and output power distribution. Solar input consists of solar PV panel components, mounting brackets, and junction boxes;The input power distribution is composed of an input distribution switch or a backup generator switch.

off grid Solar energy inverter, is to using the solar energy through solar controller, after the inverter then output to the grid;

Hybrid solar inverter is the MPPT solar charge controller output DC inverter power supply to the load, while charging the battery pack; when the Solar energy is not enough, via the main power supply to share the inverter power supply.

This time use 3 phase off grid solar inverter 100kva, power factor is 0.9. More stable and higher efficiency. This type solar ups built in the 100kva IGBT transformer,all the components choose some famous brand like ABB, INFINI, DELIXI and so on. All the switch and breakers can be customized. Besides, our ups and solar inverter can support OEM and ODM. The mppt solar charge controller is also the necessary components in the whole system, it track the peak power of solar panel, charge and recharge the gel battery bank. Gel battery becomes very important for the solar storage system, in the whole 100kva solar inverter system, gel battery is just for backup when the solar is less, grid is off and generator is not work. So you can see that the battery is not so frequently used.

Besides this hybrid solar inverter 100kva system, we also did many project overseas, according to different grid condition, loads details and user’s requirement. For example, 5kw solar home system for a home use in Pakistan, because the grid is always shut off 5-7 times a day. After install the system, the solar offer the enough home use for the citizen locally. 25kva solar PV panel system in Haiti, even no grid in the island, our Australia office go to the island, to have a site inspecting, and design a wind tube and solar combined system suit for the special environment. Nowadays, the whole system have functioned well for many years, it offer the great convenience for the people. The solar panel system not only a green and clean energy source, but cost-effective for the local economy, now more and more country courage the citizens to use the solar power. So if you want to learn more details about the solar PV system, you can visit our web or ask for our stuff for help and suggestions, we will be very glad to get your inquiry.

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