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Talk about the UPS lithium battery solution growth space
Talk about the UPS lithium battery solution growth space

Lithium battery UPS

With the rapid growth of lithium battery industry in recent years, the application of lithium batteries has become more and more widespread, and the supply capacity of the lithium battery industry has doubled. Because lithium batteries have superior performance in many aspects than lead-acid batteries, using lithium batteries as online UPS power supply backup batteries will inevitably greatly improve the availability of UPS power supply systems.


Based on the rigid demand for large/ultra-large data centers, the trend of online UPS connection high power capacity and modularization has been continuously strengthened. In particular, the growth rate of modular online UPS in 2019 reached 9.5%, which is higher than the market speed of 6.2% of the overall market size. With the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, fast delivery, and continuous expansion, the proportion of modular online UPS applications is expected to exceed 50% in the next three years.


Aerospace BAYKEE has recently provided lithium battery UPS Integrated solution, low frequency online double UPS with lithium battery solutions, high frequency online double conversion UPS with lithium battery solutions, modular online UPS lithium battery solutions to many domestic and oversea projects of hospitals, industry, transportation, communications, education, and data centers in various countries. The power system online UPS configured with lithium battery solutions can provide more stable uninterrupted power supply for the loads.

UPS lithium battery rate has great room for growth

At present, the online UPS power supply system is developing in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and high energy. The most prominent change is the gradual replacement of lead-acid batteries by the application of lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have the advantages of long life, high capacity, and less pollution, and are expected to replace lead-acid batteries as an important part of the UPS power supply system.

Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have the following advantages: ①Significantly reduce the size and weight of online UPS battery systems;

②Longer life;

③Higher energy ratio, with high storage energy density;

④No memory effect, charge at any time, fast charge and quick release, 20min can be full of more than 80%.

At present, the biggest obstacle is that lithium batteries do not yet have cost advantages, and the application standards are not uniform, resulting in high popularization costs. In addition, users are worried that lithium batteries are unsafe.

According to GGII data, the demand for online UPS batteries in 2019 is 12G~15GWh, but the penetration rate of lithium batteries in online UPS is less than 5%. By 2025, the online UPS lithium-ionization rate will reach at least 40%, and overall there is still a lot of space for growth.

Online UPS lithium battery cell performance requirements are mainly reflected in the aspects of high cycle life, high stability, high rate performance, and wide operating temperature range. Among them, the cycle life requires at least 2000 times (1C charge and discharge); the discharge performance of high-rate models generally reach 30C discharge, and the high-rate discharge efficiency is greater than 90%; in terms of volumetric energy density, online UPS power system requires lithium batteries to generally reach 200W/L, so as to achieve The floor area is 2/3 less than the lead-acid target; in terms of operating temperature, the online UPS lithium battery pack is required to be able to operate normally at an ambient temperature of -10 to 50°C.

"Overall UPS solution’’ will have big development opportunities

As manufacturers continue to grasp the needs of users, Online UPS power system will no longer be a single uninterruptible power supply unit in the future, but will move towards a complete power supply that integrates uninterruptible power supply, cabinets, power management, heat dissipation, power cables and data wiring. With the advancement of supply and management solutions, the "overall UPS solution’’ will become a widely accepted choice for users.

Important industries such as subways, transportation, military industry, communications, and data centers urgently need online UPS lithium battery solutions. The continuous power supply requirements of important departments bring important opportunities for the development of online UPS lithium battery industry. At the same time, it will usher in a new round of online UPS power system industry development opportunities. In general, lithium battery online UPS has great development potential, and may become the main battery technology and application of online UPS in the future.

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