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SMART POWER! Aerospace Baykee Data Center empowers Wenzhou Ouhai Power R&D Building
SMART POWER! Aerospace Baykee Data Center empowers Wenzhou Ouhai Power R&D Building

Recently, the Aerospace Baykee data center solution successfully settled in the power R&D building in Ouhai Central District, Wenzhou City, helping "smart power".

In 2019, Wenzhou was selected into the list of the first batch of 5G cities. In order to create a 5G pilot area, the Ouhai District government actively promotes the first development of 5G computer rooms and transmission resources. The completion of the project will promote the cultivation of new economic momentum in Ouhai New City and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Accelerate the rise of modernized new cities.

In the 5G era, to create a smooth "highway" for data, data can run faster and farther. After a rigorous selection process, the Ouhai Central District Government finally chose the Aerospace Baykee data center solution as its "smart power" infrastructure support, providing stable and reliable guarantee for the intelligent and informatization of massive power data.

Aerospace Baykee focused on the core needs of customers and visited the project site many times for surveys. In order to meet the customer's requirements for business differentiation, combined with comprehensive requirements such as small on-site installation environment, Aerospace Baykee chose data center solution that combines pool-level modules and row-level modules for the power R&D building.

The solution is adapted to local conditions, combining the advantages of pool-level modules and row-level modules, integrated intelligent design, integrated cabinet, refrigeration, power distribution, monitoring, security and other subsystems, improving the utilization rate of the computer room, reducing construction costs and shorter construction period. High quality and high reliability are fully recognized by users.

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