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Recommend Baykee Hot-Sale New Product HTT-P Series High Frequency Online UPS
Recommend Baykee Hot-Sale New Product HTT-P Series High Frequency Online UPS

Now more and more customers are interested in our new product HTT-P series similar modules high frequency online UPS, which compared with traditional UPS, our HTT-P serie online UPS has the characteristics of flexibility and adaptability, and can work with any type of load (inductive, capacitive). This transformer-less UPS system can achieve the system efficiency up to 94% and keep valuable operating costs low (energy saving), while providing the highest power quality for the key loads. In addition to its high efficiency characteristics, the HTT-P series online UPS can also provide single unit and parallel systems with high efficiency modes up to 98.5%. Safety and efficiency are the core foundation of the design, and all components are rugged.

HTT-P series UPS is the true online double-conversion, three-phase uninterrupted green power system for IT administrators of data centers and other users in various fields. It has high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, simple operation and maintenance features, which solved the typical power supply problems faced by modern data center room, such as tight funding, limited room space, and professional management.

We fully considers various application factors in product design. The HTT-P entire series UPS adopt variety of international technologies such as IGBT power conversion technology of Vienna topology, ABM intelligent battery management system, combined the international mainstream trends of green, environmental protection and energy.

saving, designed with advanced module-like technology. Which has excellent technical indicators, can effectively block the impact of abnormal power on the load, and provide the reliable, pure and stable uninterrupted output power.

In order to provide customers the perfect matching solutions, the integrated design of multiple optional accessories can improve safety and reliability in terms of space saving and easy installation. According to the machine sizes, we developed two complete solutions: including HTT series P-type 15-60K complete solution, HTT series P-type 80-400K overall solution.

More details about our HTT-P Series High Frequency Online UPS , please view our production files introduction, or welcome you to directly inquiry us!

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