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Reasons for using Aerospace BAYKEE Online UPS power supply
Reasons for using Aerospace BAYKEE Online UPS power supply

The Online UPS power supply has functions such as voltage stabilization and filtering, which can supply power through the mains bypass when it fails or overloaded. The Online UPS power supply in the data center can also continuously supply power when the utility power is interrupted to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

1 Generally, the server needs dual power input. If any power supply fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the server, which greatly improves the fault tolerance of the server.

2 The input power factor, the input current harmonics and the power of the whole machine can achieve energy -saving effects. Energy-saving equipment can reduce the loss of the power grid, and also save electricity bills, resulting in lower operating costs.

3 Supply of monitoring software, remote network monitoring by Ethernet network, and at the same time monitoring multiple UPS, convenient for centralized monitoring and management.

4 When the system is expanding, the normal operation of the load must not be affected. This will not only save the cost of system manufacturing, but also maintain safe and efficient operations during the manufacturing of the data center.

5 UPS power supply computer room monitoring system consists of three parts: front-end equipment, client/server APP, and PC large screen. The user can view the operating status and related parameters of the UPS equipment in real time after logging in through the user terminal APP/PC, and can also directly view the operating status and related data of the nursing system on the big screen of the mobile phone. When an exception occurs, the alarm information can be received synchronously.

6 In the event of earthquakes and fires, it can provide remote or near-end remote control to quickly shut down the function to prevent serious damage in an emergency.

7 It has three-phase missing phase function. If one phase is missing, it can withstand an additional full load of up to 50%. If two phases are missing, it can withstand an additional full load of up to 25%, and it can be operated online for a long time.

8 It has the ability to automatically adjust the battery discharge stop voltage and the ability to compensate for the ambient temperature. At the same time, it automatically charges and discharges regularly. The discharge time or battery voltage depth of discharge is remotely set and controlled by the maintenance personnel.

At present we Aerospace BAYKEE hot-sale products as below:

CHP3000 series three input and three output low frequency intelligent uninterruptible power supply, which capacity is from 10kVA-800kVA. Which voltage and frequency can be customized according to the customer’s requirement, adopted the sixth-generation low-loss high-power IGBT and static switch, RS232, RS485, optional input harmonic filter or 12-pulse rectifier, battery patrol module, dry contact interface, SNMP card. Which is human voice alarm, human touch LCD display in Chinese and English language, high-speed microprocessor, large capacity, high reliability and stable performance. They are suitable for data center requirements of enterprises and financial industry institutions, highway and railway stations, communication base stations, etc.

HTT series Pro new generation intelligent similar-modular high frequency online UPS is true online double conversion, three phase uninterrupted green power system developed for IT administrators of users in various fields such as data centers. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power density and high reliability and simple operation and maintenance, which solved the typical power supply problems faced by modern new data center such as tight expenses, limited room space, and professional management. Aerospace BAYKEE fully considers various application factors in product design. The entire series adopt Vienna topology IGBT power conversion technology, ABM intelligent battery management system and other international advanced technologies, which has PSM energy sharing function, and city power mode batteries can work in both directions. 10-inch color touch screen, no need computer for debugging. They have ECT self-aging function, can also age other UPS equipment in series, the whole system is equipped with PWI-Power Walk In function as standard, mains soft cut-in, input signal custom, communication monitoring is not limited, and parallel operation is simple and convenient: double insurance + automatic equalization stream + dynamic rotation. It is designed in combination with the international mainstream trends of green, environmental protection and energy saving and the industry's advanced similar modular technology. They have excellent technical indicators and can effectively block the impact of abnormal power sources to the load and provide reliability, pure and stable uninterrupted output power supply. They are widely used in medium and large data centers, computer rooms, communication base stations, automation control systems, security systems, radio and television systems, medical systems, etc.

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