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Off grid home battery storage solar inverter
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● Saver mode function.
● All kinds of protections and intelligent self-awaking mechanism.
● Automatic detection and adaption of the weak grid.
● Intelligent output function, priority guarantee the power supply for the important loads.
● WIFI intelligent monitoring system;50℃ super high ambient temperature no need reduce load
● MPPT maximum tracking solar power.
● Pure sine wave output; air conditioner and RCD load working well
● Intelligent air cooling design to reduce the noise.
● Have AC priority and DC priority running modes, and can be switched freely online.
● Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-high efficiency transformer-based isolation architecture .
● Perfect compatibility of the lithium battery system.

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Basic System Architecture

The following illustration shows basic application of this inverter.
This inverter can power all kinds of home appliances or office equipment, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.


The Principle of working

1. DC priority mode:
When the solar energy is sufficient, it will charge the batteries and at the same time power the load in Pure Sine-wave AC Output form.
When the Battery Bank has been discharged up to certain level(default 47V) and Grid is available, the system will switch to AC working mode(Bypass).If however, Grid is not available the Battery Bank will continues to discharge until the protection level.
When the battery voltage is recovered to the Recovery point(default 55V) , the system will switch to Inverter mode automatically .

2. AC priority mode:
Whenever AC input is normal, the system will run into AC working mode (Bypass), when AC input is abnormal, the system will work into Inverter mode.

3. SAVER mode:
If the SAVER switch turn on, the system will work into SAVER mode, at the same time, the inverter will shut down, and the solar will charge the battery.

4. Intelligent output function:
The loads are divided into important load which need priority to supply and general load. The system automatically control the OUTPUT L2 N2 according to the battery remaining energy, to ensure the important load can working long time.

5. Generator mode function:
If the Generator output wave is not suitable for the inverter to use, then turn on the GR-SW switch button, the inverter will accept the Generator to power the load and charge the battery. When the generator turn off the inverter will shut down and restart automatically.


3000W 5000W
Size (mm) 620*350*165
Weight(KG) 30±1 35.5±1
Grid (Mains) parameters
Input voltage waveform Pure Sine Wave(mains or generator)
Input voltage 220Vac
Working voltage range (165--265) Vac
Frequency range (45-65)Hz
Bypass output

voltage waveform

Same as Input Waveform
Overload protection Breaker On
Short circuit protection Breaker On
Power efficiency >98%
Switching time (AC to DC) 5ms(except the generator mode)
Switching time(DC to AC) 5ms
Bypass max input current 17A/28A
MAX charge BAT current 20A/25A
Inverter parameters
Output voltage waveform Pure sine wave
Rated output capacity(VA) 3000 5000
Rated output power(W) 3000 5000
PF 0.9~1.0
Rated output voltage(V) 220Vac
Rated output frequency (Hz) 50Hz ± 0.1Hz
Auto track main frequency(Hz) Yes (from the first start)

50Hz @45-55Hz

60Hz @55-65Hz

Output voltage range ±2% rms
Efficient >=85% ,92%max(40% line load)
Overload protection (100%<load capacity<120%) ±5%: after 1min cut off output voltage (120%<load capacity) ±5%: after 1s cut off output voltage
Peak capacity 6000VA 10000VA
Rated DC input voltage 48Vdc/51.2Vdc
Low DC Cut-off Voltage (40--45)Vdc
High DC Cut-off Voltage (63.0±1)Vdc
No Load Power consumption <50W
Standby Power Consumption <10W
PV parameters
PV input OC voltage range (85--150)Vdc
MAX input current 30A
MPPT output current(MAX) 50A 100A
charging bat current (20--50)A (20--95)A
Max efficiency 96%
Temperature coefficient -18mV/℃/12V
Auto temperature compensation Output voltage-(bat temperature-25℃)*0.072
Wind parameters
Input voltage xx
Rating input power xx
MAX input current xx
Lithium battery
Module BFP48100-SI
Size(mm) 620*350*165
Height(KG) 46.5±1
Energy 51.2Vdc 100A(5.12kwh)
Humidity <90%
Operating Temperature 0℃--50℃
Ambient temperature load Inverter mode continuous working time Transformer high temperature protection(switch to AC priority mode or 25 minutes later auto- restart )
40℃ 4.5KW ≥8h No
5.0KW ≥7h Maybe
45℃ 4.5KW ≥8h No
5.0KW ≥6h Maybe
50℃ 4.5KW ≥8h No
5.0KW ≥5h Maybe
Storage Temperature -15℃--60℃
Altitude <3000m(more than 1000m,the rating power of each increase of 1000m decreased by 10%)


Standard lithium energy storage system configuration table

System specification 3K 5K 5K-plus
Inverter specification BK-SI-3K BK-SI-5K BK-SI-5K
Lithium battery specification BFP48100-SI(5.12kwh)
Photovoltaic panels Specifications Open circuit voltage 40V
power 330w
Photovoltaic panels quantity(pcs) 9 15 18 21 24
Lithium battery quantity(pcs) 1 1 2 3 4
85% load backup time(h) 1.6 1 2 3 4
External MPPT 0 0 50A 100A
PV Combiner box 0 0 2(4 in 2 out)
Compared with lead-acid batteries Under the same conditions, the service life of lithium batteries is about 5 times that of lead-acid batteries


Standard lead-acid energy storage system configuration table

System specification 3K 5K 5K-plus
Inverter specification BK-SI-3K BK-SI-5K BK-SI-5K
lead-acid battery specification Rated voltage 12Vdc
Rated Capacity 100AH Rated Capacity 120AH
Photovoltaic panels specification Open circuit voltage 40V
Power 330w
Photovoltaic panels quantity(pcs) 9 15 18 21 24
Lead-acid battery quantity(pcs) 4 4 8 12 16
85% load backup time(h) 1.3 1 2 3 4
External MPPT 0 0 50A 100A
PV Combiner box 0 0 2(4 in 2out)



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