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HTT-Pro Series Similar-modular High Frequency Online UPS
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HTT-P series 15-400K Similar-modular UPS is a true online double-conversion, static, three-phase high frequency micro modular ups system. Using IGBT power conversion technology, ABM intelligent battery management system and other worlds. The whole efficiency is larger than 94%. Power factor range from 0.9 to 1.

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Medium and large data centers, computer room communication base stations, automation control systems, security systems, radio and television systems, medical systems, etc.

1.Energy sharing and mutual aid design
2.Power Walk In function.
3.10.5 inch touch screen display, independent research and development of Orange interface.
4.Intelligent battery management technology
5.Simple parallel mode., only use a network wire then realise the parallel function
6.Can be connected to a lithium battery to provide a more reliable guarantee for extending the backup time of the machine
7.The whole machine meets customers' various incoming modes, with casters and moves on demand. (excluding 300-400K

Advantage compared with the normal ups

Parameter HTT- P series Normal UPS
Input power factor >0.99 >0.9
Whole unit efficiency >94% >90%
THDV ≤2% ≤5%
Output power factor 0.9 0.7~0.8
Overload capacity(125%load constant time) 10mins 1min


Model HTT-P 15K-60K HTT-P 80K-200K HTT-P 300K-400K
Capacity 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 160 200 300 400
Mains input
Input phase 3 phase 4 wires+ G
Input rated voltage 380/400/415Vac
Input voltage range 190/330-276/478V(-15%~20%) 100% load
116/201-276/478V(-50%~20%) 50% load
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Input frequency range 42-72Hz
Current harmonic <2%(linear load)
Input power factor >0.99
Battery nominal voltage 384Vdc (internal)/432Vdc (external) 480Vdc
Battery quantity 32/36pcs/group(can set as 32-40pcs/group,Even number optional) 40pcs/group (can set as 36-44pcs/group, Even number optional)
Battery charging curve Advanced ABM battery management (parameters can be customized)
Output voltage accuracy ±1%
Output nominal voltage 380 (default)/400/415 Vac 3phase 4 wires
Efficiency ≥94%
Output voltage harmonic distortion Linear load <2%

Non-linear load<5%

Rated output frequency 50 Hz (default) /60 Hz
output frequency range ±3Hz (default) (optional ±1Hz to ±4Hz)
Output frequency accuracy ±0.005Hz (single unit), ±0.07Hz (parallel unit)
Frequency response rate 3 Hz/s
Output power factor 0.9
Overload capacity ≤110 % 1hour;≤125 % 10mins; ≤150 % 1min; ≥150 % 150ms
Crest factor 3:1
Bypass range -15%~15%(can set as -10%~10%, -20%~20%)
ECO mode standard
Maximum number of parallels 4 Pcs
Parallel circulation <5%
Environmental indicator
Working temperature 0-40℃
Storage temperature -15-55℃
Altitude < 1000 meters
Humidity(storage and working) 5 %-95 % No condensation
Noise ≤55dB ≤62dB ≤65dB ≤68dB ≤70 dB ≤73 dB
UPS size (W*D*H) mm 500*706*906 500*706*1230 500*706*1500 600*796*1876 600*806*1876 1200*820*1880
Net weight Kg 70 86 120 200 280 310 455 800 900
Total weight 100 120 160 260 350 378 523 900 1000

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