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HS/HTS series pure sine wave inverter 3/1 phase ups
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HS ( HTS ) Series ( 1/1, 3/1 Phase high Frequency Online UPS ) HS ( HTS ) series is on-line double conversion UPS, HS capacity include from 1kVA to 10kVA ( Single Phase Input and Single Phase Output ), HTS series capacity include from 10kVA to 20kVA ( Three Phase Input and Single Phase Output ).The power factor of the high frequency ups can reach from 0.8 to 1. The whole efficiency reach to 90%. It is the power guard for data processing centre, host system, integrated computer network, ISP service, telecom, computer room etc.

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latest addition of HS/HTS series pure sine wave inverter, Power Inverter

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Power Inverter, Pure sine wave inverter

1. High Frequency and true online double-conversion
2. 35 Degree adjustable drawing LCD display panel for 6kVA-10kVA
3. UPS operation status, load status, battery status via LCD
4. Intelligent digital control, increase the ups stability
5. Input power factor correction ( PFC ), reduce pollution to utility grid
6. Wide input voltage range, compatiblewith different utilities
7. 8 output power factor lives up to the load trend and stronger load
8. Excellent input frequency range, make the ups adapt to the different power supply equipment
9. Adopt high precision SMD technology, improve the circuit reliability and running precision
10. Cold start
11. Intelligent battery management, extend the battery life
12. Silencer device, better environment protections
13. RS232 communication port, Optional USB/SNMP card
14. Input line and neutral detecting functions
15. Self diagnosis when turn on the UPS, inspect all kinds of ups work status
16. Can Support Software System: Windows, WindowsNet , LAN Manager, etc
17. Optional Standard battery bank or extension battery bank

Model HS-1KH/ HS-1KS HS-2KH/ HS-2KS HS-3KH/ HS-3KS HS-6KH/ HS-6KS HS-10KH /HS-10KS
Phase Single Phase & earth ground
Rated Power 1kva/0.8kw 2kva/1.6kw 3kva/2.4kw 6kva/4.8kw 10kw/8kw
Voltage Range Low Voltage Conversion 160VAC+-5% or 80VAC+-5% @100% Load

110VAC+-5% or 50VAC+-5% @ 50%

176VAC+-3% @ 100% Load

110VAC+-3% @ 50% Load

Low Voltage Recovery 175VAC+-5% or 85VAC+-5% @ 100% Load 186VAC+-3% @ 100% Load

120VAC+-3% @ 50% Load

High Voltage Conversion 300VAC+-5% or 150VAC+-5%


High Voltage Recovery 290VAC+-5% or 145VAC+-5% 290VAC+-3%
Frequency Range 40Hz~70Hz 46Hz~54Hz or 56Hz~64Hz
Power Factor >=0.99 @ Nominal Voltage (100% Load)
Output Voltage 208//220/230/240VAC or 110/115/120/127VAC 208//220/230/240VAC or 110/115/120/127VAC
Voltage Range( battery mode) +-1%
Frequency Range (Synchronous correction range ) 47~53Hz or 57Hz~63Hz 46~54Hz or 56Hz~64Hz
Frequency Range(Battery Mode) 50Hz+-0.25Hz or 60Hz+-0.3Hz 50Hz+-0.1Hz or 60Hz+-0.1Hz
Surge Ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion <=2% THD (Linear Load), <=4% THD (nonlinear Load) <=3% THD (Linear Load), <=6% THD (nonlinear Load)
Transfer Time AC to DC Zero
Inverter to Bypass 4ms(Typical) Zero
Waveform(Battery Mode) True pure sine wave
AC Mains Mode 87% 90% 89%
Battery Mode 83% 87% 88%
Standard Machine Battery 12V7Ah 12V7Ah 12V9Ah 12V7Ah 12V9Ah
Number 3 6 6 16 16
Charge Time 4 hours charging to 90% 7hours charging to 90% 9hours charging to 90%
Max. Charge Current 1.0A
Charge Voltage 41.0VDC+-1% 82.1VDC+-1% 219.2VDC+-1%
Long backup time machine Battery External Battery
Charge Time 1.0A/2.0A/4.0A/6.0A 4.0A
Max. Charge Current 41.0VDC+-1% 82.1VDC+-1% 219.2VDC+-1%
LCD or LED Load, Battery capacity, AC mains mode, battery mode, Bypass mode, Fault indicator
Alarming Voice
Battery Mode ring one time per 4 seconds
Battery Low Capacity ring one time per 1 seconds
Overload ring one time per 0.5 second
Faults continue to ring
Physical performance
Standard Machine


Tower Size D*W*H mm 397*145*220 421*190*318 248*520*616
Weight(kg) 13 26 28 57 58.5
Long backup time machine


Tower Size D*W*H mm 397*145*220 421*190*318 240*520*460
Weight(kg) 7 13 19.5 21.5
Rack mount Size (D*W*H) mm 370*440*88 370*440*176
Humidity 20-90% RH @ 0-40℃ (No condensation)
Noise <45dB @ 1M <55dB @1 M <58dB @ 1M
Control Management
Smart RS-232 (optional USB) Support Windows2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7, Linux, Unix
Optional SNMP Support SNMP card for Remote Control


The internal structure of HS(HTS) high frequency ups.

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