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FEPS series Emergency power supply
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FEPS series single/three phase EPS 500va ~500kva, BK11 series is the single phase in single phase out EPS range from 500va to 10kva, BK33 series is the three phase in three phase out EPS range from 10kvato 500KVA, This series products adopts high-speed MCU and CPLD, controlled by Software Programming. This type of EPS is widely applied to fire emergency equipment.

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1. LCD display+ LED status indication
2. Grid details, battery information, loads details all be shown on the touch display,
3. Inverter back-up work mode design, high speed static transfer switch
4. Intelligentdigital control technology,high speed MCU and CPLD,
5. High-efficiency IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)inverter technology
6. loadstep from 0-100% while no need change to bypass,and make sure the output stable, reliable
7. Perfect protectionfunction()over voltage, over current, low voltage, short circuit etc)
8. High-powereddynamic feature,realize the high dynamic adjustment, reduce the output voltage distortion.
9. Adopt 6 pulse rectifier charger, Intelligent battery management
10. Selectable battery inspection module
11. Intelligent detecting function:online detect power status, the breaker status and all the working status
12. RS232 and RS485 optional SNMP,dry connector, adopt non-source contactor to reach the monitor of the EPS.


Model 0.5 KVA 1 KVA 1.5 KVA 2 KVA 2.5 KVA 3 KVA 3.7 KVA 4 KVA 5 KVA 6 KVA 7 KVA 8 KVA 9 KVA 10 KVA
Nominal Capacity(KVA) 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.7 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Input voltage, frequency 165~242VAC,50Hz±5%
Emergency output voltage, frequency 220V±3%,50Hz±0.5%
Emergency output wave form sine wave, distortion factor<3%(linear load)
Dynamic characteristics Dynamic transient range <±10%(from 0 to100% ), transient recover time<20mS
Overload Protection over load 120% normal running, over load 150% immediately protect
Transfer Time <1ms(Static Switch, switch), the biggest time<5s, can manually transfer
Efficiency emergency power supply>90%, main power supply ~closed to 100%
transfer function manual and automatic transfer function
Linkage control function External access 24 V linkage control signal, turn to emergency power supply mode
Mandatory start start mandatory start switch, work in the emergency mode, meantime close battery low voltage protection
protection output short circuit/overload/over voltage, low voltge/ over temperature etc. protections, Default Phase can run, with Audible and visual alarm.
display LED display: Mains indicate (Green), Emergency indicate (Red), charge indicate(Red) and faults indicate(yellow)
LCD display: input/output voltage, output current, inverter voltage, frequency, output current, battery pack voltage, temperature work mode, flow diagram, current work status, events records and systems information etc.
Alarm Imitate mains faults, battery low voltage, temperature faults, breakers break off etc.faults, check voice alarm(mute silence function) and status indicate
Running environment Temperature -25℃~55℃
Relative humidity 0~90%
charge function basically complete to battery charge in 24 hours and again discharge, it reach above rated time *80%
insulated Resistance input/output to ground insulated Resistance >=5MΩ
withstand voltage Between input/output and shell withstand frequency 50*(1+-0.01)Hz, voltage 1250*(1+-0.1)V for 60s+-5s, shouldn’t happen surface fly arc or breakdown phenomenon
leakage current When 1.06 times nominal voltage works, the leakage current<=0.5mA
Battery type maintenance-free sealed acid battery
nominal battery voltage 48VDC 192VDC
charge voltage 55VDC 220VDC (automatically Equalized Charging once every 3 months, charge voltage 232VDC)
battery low voltage protection 43.2VDC 172.8 VDC
discharge time 90min
battery static discharge static discharge current<=10-5C20A
Computer Communication Interface RS232/RS485
Noise(dB) (according to load and temperature) 1M away from the machine
Size W×D×H(Unit:mm)
600×250×880 600×620×1250
weight(kg) 60 63 68 70 75 77 78 79 80 83 168 169 170 171


BK33 series medium, high power FEPS three phase emergency power supply main technology parameters


Rating capacity(KW)
Input voltage 380VAC±25%
Input frequency 50Hz±5%
Output voltage 380V±3%( emergency mode)
Output frequency 50Hz±0.5%( emergency mode)
Output wave Pure sine wave
Wave distortion emergency mode,THD<3%(linear load)
Dynamic range ±10%
instantaneous Recover time <20mS
Overload capacity working incessancy with120% load
Transfer time Main--EPS<0.1s, transfer them by hand
Efficiency emergency mode:>90%,main mode: nearly100%
Noise <65dB
Protection Short circuit\overload\low voltage\over temp, default phase ,with the light and alarm
Display LED and LCD display load status etc
Environment Temp -20—40℃
Relative humidity 0—90%
Charger It is about 24 to finish charging,then it is 80% capacity to recharge
Insulated resistance RES of input --output is more than 50MΩ 50MΩ
Coercive electronic intensity On the input and output of electricity3000VAC, less than the leakage current3.5mA, insulation resistance greater than2M(500VDC)
Battery type Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
DC input voltage 384VDC
Charge voltage 4320VDC(auto charge every 3 month, charge voltage 454VDC)
Communication with PC RS232/RS485
Cooling method Force cooling
Noise dB 1m nearly EPS 40~50 50~55 50~60 55~65
Outside size W×D×H(mm3 800×600×2260 980×800×1800 1380×950×1800 1600×1150×1800
Weight (kg) 250 350 400 550 850 1200 1300 1450 1550 1830 1980


The production and packaging for the EPS emergency power supply.

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