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Three Phase Online UPS with Built-in Isolation Transformer
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CHP6000 100-600kVA are high-power UPS designed and developed for large- scale key applications such as manufacturing, process industry, data centers, biomedical systems, transportation systems and telecommunication equipment.

The application of double conversion pure online technology and double DSP full digital control ensures the output of stable sine waves of voltage and frequency. Remote monitoring can be performed through SNMP card, RS485, RS232, etc.

CHP6000 UPS adopts advanced all-digital control technology to provide up to 8 parallel operation, and can provide users with options such as isolation transformers, SNMP cards, bypass current-sharing inductors, and LBS.

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DSP Full Digital Control

  • The system adopts TI's latest generation DSP (2833X) to implement full digital control of UPS power conversion link, fast speed, high precision, higher system stability, high degree ofautomation, system parameters can be set.
  • The system adopts a control method that combines DSP and MCU to realize full digital control and monitoring, so that the system has excellent performance.
  • Full digital control improves the reliability, flexibility, safety and stability of the control system. At the same time, it ensures that the customer's settings are flexible and convenient.

Strong Load Bearing Capacity

  • The system uses high-power IGBT modules, SCR static switch modules, power frequency isolation transformers and other key components, and the UPS output has a strong load capacity. The system has a super overload capacity.

Super Electrical Performance

  • Adopt IGBT full digital inverter technology, support the power grid for 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power grid system; wide input voltage range, strong grid adaptability.
  • Designed with high efficiency, the UPS is also energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Perfect Protection Function

  • Input and output have complete protection functions and alarm warning such as over-voltage, under-voltage, phase loss, over-current, short-circuit, over- temperature etc. to ensure the system is reliable and safe.
  • Mis-operation protection function: the system can prevent mis-operation in the power supply state.

Friendly Human-machine Interface

  • Large-screenLCD andLED instructions enable human-machine communication at zero distance.
  • LCD content: input voltage, output voltage, frequency, current, output voltage, output frequency, output current, power factor and other parameters and working status, working mode, alarm information and fault status, etc.
  • The upper computer is convenient and flexible to set up, convenient for testing and operation.

Easy to Maintain

  • The modular design in the system is extremely easy to install and easy to maintain andoperate.
  • Abundant alarm and fault record information provide powerful support for fault diagnosis and analysis.

Perfect Communication Function

  • Built-in a variety of communication interfaces (RS232, RS485) and dry contact interface, convenient for users to perform local operation and parameter monitoring.
  • Remote network management can be realized through various monitoring card management such as SNMP card, Modbus card, and 485 card, which is convenient for data management and monitoring of equipment.

High Reliability

  • Perfect protection design, the output transformer adopts overall vacuum impregnation insulating paint and sprayed high-temperature protection paint treatment, special three-proof treatment to the circuit board, independent design of the heat dissipation duct, etc., which improves the reliability of the system. It can resist high temperature and high humidity, highly corrosive environment.
  • Equipped with output isolation transformer, strong anti-impact ability.
  • The input port is equipped with lightning protection design as standard to adapt to the harsh power grid environment.
  • The redundant design of the control power supply and system fan further improves the reliability of the system.
  • High-quality first-class brand components, aging test 12-24 hours before leaving the factory, to ensure the reliability of the system.


Strong Environmental Adaptability

  • The unique dust-proof design effectively reduces the entry of dust, floating objects, etc.,purifies the internal environment of the machine, and improves product reliability.
  • Wide input voltage range, rectifier soft start and delayed start function make the productcompatible with diesel engine.
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range, strong grid adaptability.


Standard Output Isolation Transformer

  • Effectively prevent the DC component of the inverter output voltage from causing harm tothe load equipment and improve the reliability of the UPS.
  • Effectively suppress and block the impact of common mode interference generated by therectifier and inverter on the user's load.


  • Relevant electrical parameters, structural parameters, product appearance and color can be changed according to customer's customized needs.


Capacity Rated Capacity 100kVA 120kVA 160kVA 200kVA 250kVA 300kVA 400kVA 500kVA 600kVA
Model CHP6000 100kVA CHP6000 120kVA CHP6000 160kVA CHP6000 200kVA CHP6000 250kVA CHP6000 300kVA CHP6000 400kVA CHP6000 500kVA CHP6000 600kVA
Input Input Method 3P+G
Rated AC Input 380/400/415VAC
Voltage Range 285VAC~498VAC
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Frequency Range 45-66Hz
Input Power Slow Start Delay 5-600 seconds can be set
Rectifier Soft Start 6-100 seconds can be set
Bypass Rated AC Input 380/400/415VAC (3P+N)
Voltage Range ±10%,±15%,±20% can be set
Frequency 40-70Hz(±2.5%,±5%,±10%,±20% can be set)
Output Rated AC Output 380/400/415VAC
Stabilization Accuracy ±1% (balanced load) ,±2%(100% unbalanced load)
Power Factor 0.9
Voltage Dynamic Transient ±5%(0 ~100% load change)
Total Harmonic Voltage Distortion <1%(100% linear load)
Voltage Dynamic Response Time <5ms
Synchronization Range ±2Hz(±0.5—±5Hz can be set)
Inverter Overload Capacity Inverter working when output PF is 0.9: 110% 1 hour, 125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute
Frequency Accuracy ±0.05%
Wave Pure sine wave
Efficiency Inverter Mode 0.92
ECO Mode 0.98
N+X Parallel Parallel Quantity Up to 8 units
Battery Configurable Quantity 30-34 units 38-42 units
Display LCD & LED
Dimensions Depth (mm) 855 950
Height (mm) 1900
Width (mm) 6-pulse 890 1245 1640 2265 /
Width (mm) 12-pulse 1415 1770 2265 2265 2615 2865
Weight Net (Kg) 6-pulse 960 1075 1630 2105 /
12-pulse 1390 1685 2290 2500 2850 3130
Environment Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 0-95% non-condensation
Noise(1m) ≤67dB ≤71dB ≤73dB
Control/ Monitoring RS-232/ RS-485 Supports Windows2000/XP/7/8/10/Linux/Unix/Mac
Optional SNMP Support power management by SNMP administrator and web browser
Standards Safety IEC60950-1, IEC62040-1-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility IEC62040-2, IEC62040-3


1. Parameters are subject to change without notice.
2. Relevant parameters and performance can be customized by customers.
3. This product is a large leakage current device, and it must be grounded reliably during use.
4. The equipment has high voltage, non-professionals are strictly forbidden to open the door cabinet to operate.

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