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What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply? Also known as a battery backup or a power surge, an uninterruptible supply (UPS) provides power backup in the event that your regular power source goes down or voltage drops below an acceptable level. An UPS is a safe and orderly way to shut down a computer or other connected equipment. A UPS's size and design determine its ability to supply power for a given time. The UPS converts incoming utility power to DC battery power, then inverts it into AC power to power connected equipment .These models can be used to power basic electronic equipment, such as entry-level computers, POS systems and security systems. An interactive UPS line incorporates technology that allows it to correct minor power fluctuations without having to switch to battery. This UPS is equipped with an autotransformer, which regulates low voltages (eg brownouts) as well as over voltages without the need to change to battery. These UPS models can be used to power consumer electronics, PCs and gaming systems, as well as network equipment and entry-to mid-range servers. They are used to provide power in the event of a blackout or voltage sag, surge, or over -voltage. An online double-conversion UPS (online UPS) provides reliable, consistent power, regardless of the source of power. This UPS converts AC power into DC and back to AC. This technology allows UPS systems to run on isolated DC power for 100 percent of their time. They also have zero transfer time since they don't need to switch to DC power. Double-conversion UPS systems protect mission-critical IT equipment and data centers, as well as large storage installations and applications. They also protect advanced network equipment against damage from power blackouts, voltage surge, overvoltage, voltage spike, frequency fluctuations, harmonic distortion, and frequency noise.
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