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Portable Li-battery Energy Storage System
Portable Li-battery Energy Storage System

The lithium battery energy storage system combines the characteristics of the traditional inverter and the battery charger. It contains a 50/100Ah lithium-iron phosphate battery, which can provide the load device with uninterruptible power supply. The LCD panel provides users with various parameter setting functions. At the same time, the simple button operation allows the user to set the battery charging current and the acceptable voltage range according to the usage environment, to meet various application levels.

This product is suitable for lithium battery communication backup power supply, mains emergency power supply, and provides protection and recovery functions for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high temperature, low temperature and short circuit of the battery pack. Accurate measurement of SOC during charging and discharging, and SOH health status statistics. Achieve voltage equalization in the charging process. Through the human-computer interaction of the host computer software, the alarm protection parameters such as voltage, current and temperature are displayed and set, and the real-time data and historical data of the operating state of the battery are stored and displayed. There are a variety of sleep and wake up methods. Parallel communication between battery packs is realized through the RS485 bus. Data communication with the host computer through RS485 communication, parameter configuration and data monitoring via host computer software human-computer interaction.

The characteristics of BAYKEE lithium battery energy storage system as below:
1, Small and flexible, easy to carry. the system is equipped with a lever, a pull ring and a universal wheel for easier carrying and use.
2, BMS Battery Management System.
The lithium battery energy storage system is equipped with an advanced BMS battery management system to monitor and protect the lithium battery in real time to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. BMS battery management system monitoring and
The main protections are: battery over temperature protection, over current protection, under voltage protection, high voltage protection, overcharge protection, SOC low alarm (battery voltage is too low), over current alarm, battery over-temperature alarm, etc. The management system and the inverter system form a double protection mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of the lithium battery energy storage system.
3, Simple operation interface. The system operation interface is simple, easy to operate, and it is convenient and quick to understand the current running status of the system and various parameters.
4, System safety and reliability.
●Mains restart.
●High power factor, strong load capacity.
● Large capacity, long-lasting discharge, meeting high-intensity work.
● It can be redundantly designed, and the battery pack reserves a parallel interface, which can easily increase the battery pack capacity as required.
●The lithium battery is completely built-in, the appearance recognition is low, the high sensitivity GPS is configured, and the electronic fence alarm can be set.
● Input protection, output protection, battery protection, temperature protection and other protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.
5, Energy efficient, Good performance.

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