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Outside activities meet the portable power
Outside activities meet the portable power

Short-distance tours over this year’s holiday saw a decrease due to tightened measures against COVID-19. The relevant experts said people's desire for travel remains high despite the epidemic, as many chose to embark on short-distance tours in or near their homes. Camping trips and homestays saw a boom thanks to the surge. Tour products that featured camping and recreational vehicles were a popular choice among travelers, especially young and trendy people looking for new ways to experience travel.

Camping was the most popular way of traveling during the recent holiday, especially among the younger generation, with many of those able to travel choosing to forgo the fast pace of city life for the serene surroundings of nature while abiding by COVID-19 prevention and control measures. The search for camping on the website increased most in the place where many looked for camping road trips at destinations with picturesque views. While some young generation took their favorite dessert and snacks to campsites, mountain views and landscapes were most appealing to travelers. Both youth and those traveling with children took camping as a way to embrace nature and enjoyed outdoor activities ranging from cycling to paddle boarding.

Young individuals went camping and had a picnic with their friends deep in the mountains during the holiday. Usually they drove about two hours from the city and put up their tents at around noon. Meanwhile, in the outside for a few days, it is important to make sure the power turns on to let some daily life activities go smoothly. So how to solve the relationship between power and recreation becomes very delicate. Because the power is used in the outdoor, electrical source’s portability, battery life, battery capacity, function, price and so on should be take into account.

From the remote prairie countryside of wonderful camping activities, with the essential requirements of electricity, portable power is especially important. Provided with such a desired power bank, outdoor cooking, lighting and chat are no longer out of reach. Under the widespread spread of COVID-19 and advocating green ecological environment, ”Wise lead service provider of power quality“ is the powerful vision of Aerospace Baykee, hence, the type of camping has been acknowledged as the next wind in the tour market. Baykee adheres to the corporate vision and should give full play to its due advantages in portable energy storage system.

Portable Li-battery Energy Storage System is an intelligent utilitarian and flexible power supply developed by Baykee for the current market. In an environment that is free from the mains, it can solve the problem of electricity consumption through portable energy storage power, especially in outdoor camping outings, which can bring excellent performance. It combines the characteristics of the traditional inverter and the battery charger to support mutual demand area and improve the experience brought by the product. With the resurgence of COVID-19 pandemic and increased demand for tourism, portable energy for the wonderful of remote camping natural areas, areas without portable electricity, the mains supply or some poor signal cast favorable eyes. Probably, portable li-battery energy storage system can bring you a suitable poetic option. The following part will show how portable energy be in performance within such situation.

Portable Energy Storage supply a variety of output modes. It meets the needs of all kinds of electronic products and small electrical appliances. The positioning of portable energy storage power is defined relative Clearly. Therefore, whether it is location shooting, self-driving camping, outdoor dinner, lighting emergency, it is applicable. In order to make it easier for users to carry portable power when moving outdoors, so in the design of the overall shape, try to work towards lightweight and portable, convenient transportation.

The high-power mobile portable power supply adopts lithium battery and more advanced inverter scheme, which has the advantages of small size and large capacity. The lithium battery energy storage system contains a 50/100Ah lithium-iron phosphate battery, which can provide the load device with uninterruptible power supply. So that it can perfectly adapt the emergency power demand in various outdoor occasions. The energy storage portable power required for field camping is designed in a trolley case, which is light to carry and easy to transport. The bottom of the trolley case is equipped with rollers for easy towing. There is a retractable lever on the top, which is convenient for users of different body heights to drag the portable power supply. The LCD panel provides users with various parameter setting functions. In this way, it can be fully set according to the needs of users. At the same time, the simple button operation allows the user to set the battery charging current and the acceptable voltage range according to the usage environment, to meet various application levels.

For a variety of wilderness camping power needs, portable power has a variety of AC, DC, USB, RS485, RS32 interface, which can charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. At night, you can also use electric mosquito coils, so you don't have to be afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes when you sleep. Portable energy storage power is a portable and safe and versatile outdoor power, people can not keep their hands off! When you go out, you can take it with you to solve a lot of electricity problems. Practical and suitable power for wild camping with you is an excellent choice.

This product provides protection and recovery functions for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high temperature, low temperature and short circuit of the battery pack. Portable energy storage power has SOC, which can make an accurate measurement during charging and discharging, and SOH health status statistics can also install in the power. Through the human-computer interaction of the host computer software, the alarm protection parameters in the portable power such as voltage, current and temperature are displayed. Also the real-time data and historical data of the operating state of the battery are stored. The power has a variety of sleep and wake up methods.

In general, the overall performance of outdoor portable power is more stable and reliable, with the characteristics of simple operation, low noise and good maintenance. It is gradually becoming the mainstream outdoor energy storage power solution. The leading brands of outdoor energy storage power are providing users with a richer outdoor living experience through different types of outdoor power supplies.

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