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How to choose UPS power supply
How to choose UPS power supply

According to the condition of the equipment, the power environment and the purpose of power protection that you want to achieve, first determine the power section of the UPS. In short, the first thing is to confirm the power of the equipment we want to load with the UPS, and then confirm the power of the UPS. Generally speaking, the power of an ordinary PC or industrial computer is about 200W, the Mac is about 300W, and the server is between 300W and 600W. The power values ​​of other devices can refer to the manual of the device. If the load is too large, such as when starting up at the same time, the UPS power supply may be overloaded, and the load is too small, which not only causes waste, but also is not good for the performance of the battery.

Secondly, we should understand that there are two ways to express the rated power of the UPS: apparent power (unit VA) and actual output power (unit W). This difference is caused by the existence of reactive power. The conversion relationship between the two is: In power * power factor = actual output power

The backup, online interactive power factor is between 0.5 and 0.7, and the on-line power factor is typically 0.8.

Determining the working mode of the required UPS power supply The most common working methods on the market are backup, online interactive, online double conversion (line pure online), as follows:

(1) Backup UPS, without voltage regulation, has conversion time when mains and battery are converted, generally used for personal computer protection, or used when UPS power performance is not high. This type of UPS power segment is generally used. Smaller

(2) Online interactive, without voltage regulation, there is conversion time when mains and battery are converted, but there is voltage regulation function, generally used in wiring closet or micro computer room, protection server and network equipment, etc. This type of UPS power section Generally below 5KVA;

(3) Online double-conversion UPS, no conversion time when mains and battery conversion, no switching time is generally used to protect servers or network equipment and other equipment in the equipment room. This type of UPS power segment is from small to large, span comparison Large 1KVA ~ 1000KVA, currently more common on the market. The performance of the above UPS power supplies from high to low is: online double conversion, online interactive, backup.

According to the choice of use environment can be divided into industrial grade UPS and commercial grade UPS, industrial grade UPS is adapted to the harsh environment, commercial grade UPS has higher requirements on the environment.

UPS is usually divided into two types: power frequency machine and high frequency machine. The power frequency machine is composed of a thyristor SCR rectifier, an IGBT inverter, a bypass and a power frequency boosting isolation transformer. Because its rectifier and transformer operating frequency is 50Hz, it is called the power frequency UPS.

The high frequency machine is usually composed of IGBT high frequency rectifier, battery converter, inverter and bypass. The IGBT can control the turn-on and turn-off of the IGBT by controlling the driving applied to its gate. The switching frequency of the IGBT rectifier is usually several K. To tens of KHz, even up to hundreds of KHz, compared to the 50Hz power frequency, called high frequency UPS.

When the equipment is equipped with UPS power supply, the actual output power of the UPS should be used as the basis for matching. Some dealers intentionally or unintentionally confuse the difference between (VA) and (W), which should be brought to the attention of the user.

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