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MPPT series solar charge controller
MPPT series solar charge controller

product overview and features

Welcome to choosing Baykee MPPT series solar charge controller. This series based on advanced MPPT control design uses LCD displaying status, with elegant, economical and practical advantages. The series products used of MPPT control algorithm, in any condition can fast track to PV array column of maximum power points, real-time get solar panels of maximum energy, significantly improve solar system energy utilization; used standard Modbus communications agreement of communications interface, convenient for user to expand application, maximum degree meet different of monitoring needs, can application for communications base station, and home system, and solar street light system and monitoring etc, . Comprehensive electronic fault self-test function and powerful electronic protection, maximum to avoid installation errors and system failure may result in damage to the system components.


  • Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
  • High-quality components to improve system performance, the maximum conversion efficiency of up to 98%
  • Super fast speed of maximum power point tracking and tracking efficiency
  • Accurate identification of the peak of maximum power point tracking
  • Enter the automatic power limit maximum PV array of reliable function, ensure that any conditions will not overload
  • Wide range of photovoltaic array maximum power point voltage
  • LCD design, dynamically display operating data and status
  • With battery temperature compensation function
  • Real-time power statistics logging
  • Standard Modbus communication protocol based on RS-485 bus to maximize meet different communication needs

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