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How do you choose a cost-effective modular UPS power supply?
How do you choose a cost-effective modular UPS power supply?

With the development of big data and cloud computing, for the consideration of large-scale data computing and reducing energy consumption, the data center will become more and more centralized. Therefore, modular UPS power supply is required to have smaller volume, higher power density and more flexible installation mode. Ups with small floor area and high power density of single cabinet will save more room rent for users.

The smaller UPS module capacity means that more power modules will be used in the same capacity system, and the system reliability will be reduced; while the larger module capacity may lead to insufficient redundancy or capacity waste when the system capacity is low (e.g. 60KVA system capacity, if 50KVA modules are used, two must be used, and at least three are considered redundant). Of course, if the overall capacity of the system is large, the power module with larger capacity can also be selected. The recommended capacity of modular UPS is 30 ~ 50KVA.

The user's actual use environment is changeable. In order to reduce the difficulty of work, modular UPS system should be required to support two wiring modes at the same time. At the same time, for some rooms with limited space or modular data center, the UPS power supply may be installed against the wall or other cabinets, so the modular UPS should also have the design of complete front installation and front maintenance.

Because the purchase of batteries accounts for a large part of the procurement cost of modular UPS power supply, the operation status and service life of batteries directly affect the function of UPS power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase modular UPS power supply with battery intelligent management technology.

Try to choose famous brand modular UPS products of famous enterprises. Because these enterprises not only have the ability to ensure the quality of products, but also have a strong sense of service, can actively provide users with pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service, and respond to user information quickly.

When selecting the modular UPS power supply, it should also consider the ability of lightning protection and surge protection, overload capacity, load carrying capacity, maintainability, manageability and other factors. In a word, UPS power supply is indeed the core equipment of power supply system. How to select and configure modular UPS power supply is very important to users. We should try our best to select and configure ups with high cost performance to ensure the safe and reliable uninterrupted power supply of our equipment.

As a new type of product, modular UPS power supply is only a supplement to traditional UPS products. Nowadays, modular UPS and traditional UPS have kept pace with each other in the market. Modular UPS is a development direction in the future. The traditional UPS of 10kVA~250kVA suitable for data center is likely to be replaced by modular UPS products in the next 3 to 5 years.



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