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What are the characteristics of industrial UPS battery?
What are the characteristics of industrial UPS battery?

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Industrial UPS battery needs to pay attention to the working ability in high temperature environment. The design of UPS power supply components must adapt to the operation requirements of industrial environment, adapt to high temperature and high humidity, and also can deal with the corrosion of corrosive gas to UPS power system.

Under various operating conditions, continuous full load operation, industrial large UPS system is usually maintained by field technicians, so the isolation ability of key components must be considered in machine design. Maintenance of the industrial UPS system not only takes time, but also requires switching the machine to bypass operation during maintenance. Industrial UPS power source must also have a stronger tolerance than the uninterrupted power source used in the computer room environment.

Industrial high capacity ups battery needs to check the actual load power supply environment. When the power environment is general or poor, and the frequency and voltage fluctuate greatly, power frequency UPS power supply is needed.

Industrial uninterruptible power source has large capacity, high reliability and stable performance, which can meet the needs of users. The frequency is automatically identified and adapted to 50 Hz / 60 Hz power system to meet the requirements of different power systems. Pure on-line dual conversion type, providing the best power quality, suitable for various loads, with high overload capacity.

Agp003l series industrial ups battery backup consists of 6-pulse or 12 pulse full control bridge, which improves the input power of UPS, and has the characteristics of wide input range and strong protection ability. Zero line wrong connection protection, ultra-high and low overload protection and soft start function.

All digital control technology is a UPS power supply with reliability, availability, intelligence and energy saving, which has a wide input voltage range and input frequency range.

Industrial UPS system has high availability and strong manageability. It is mainly used in the strict operation environment of semiconductor, electric power, water treatment and other production lines, and in the automatic control system of oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and transmission.

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