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Industrial needs for UPS
Industrial needs for UPS

The industrial UPS is quite different from the commercial UPS which is generally arranged in the data room, and the operating environment conditions such as cleanliness, temperature and humidity can be effectively guaranteed. In practical applications, industrial UPS needs to face various harsh environmental conditions such as dust, acid mist, high temperature, noise, dryness or excessive humidity, which are common in industrial production, as well as power grid interference, surge shock, peak lower limit and other power grids. Pollution. At the same time, the load connected to industrial UPS is mostly inductive load, capacitive load, fluctuation and high peak impact load, which has a large impact on current. Based on the special environment of industrial production, industrial UPS needs to have much higher performance than commercial UPS in terms of reliability, availability, adaptability, and protection level and load capacity. The test of the environment, power supply environment and load environment.

With the in-depth application of information technology in the production, operation, management and other aspects of the industrial field, as well as the high-end, high-precision equipment, the industrial field puts higher and higher requirements on the quality of power supply, not only requires the continuity of power supply to be obtained. Reliable guarantee, and there are special requirements for the purity of the power supply. However, in industrial power applications, the quality of power supply is often affected by various factors, such as grid pollution, lightning in nature, large-capacity motor starting, switching of power factor compensation capacitors, etc., which directly affect the quality of power supply. Causes voltage fluctuations, pulse interference, and even power interruptions. In this context, UPS is widely used in industrial fields for its high voltage regulation accuracy and uninterrupted supply of pure power to the load, providing reliable power protection for industrial production and management.

At present, with the development of industrial user business, the scale of industrial UPS applications continues to expand. Based on the need to achieve refined management and reduce operating and maintenance costs, the construction and application of industrial UPS systems are no longer required for a single product, for the overall solution. The demand is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to create a highly reliable and highly available industrial power overall solution for industrial users. If you want to know more about Industrial needs for UPS or our products, such as industrial ups,industrial ups power supply, etc., you can contact us directly.

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