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HTT-P series new generation intelligent module high frequency online UPS
HTT-P series new generation intelligent module high frequency online UPS

Aerospace Baykee fully considers various application factors in product design, based on the characteristics of intelligent digital, safe and efficient, easy operation and maintenance, It has developed energy sharing and mutual assistance, intelligent battery management, self-aging , Power Walk in functions, which is including the industry’s first micro-energy storage of the 5 core technologies . It is the true online double conversion, three phase uninterrupted green power system, which is developed for IT administrators in various fields such as data centers. It is high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, and easy operation. The characteristics of dimensionality solve the typical power supply problems faced by the modern new data center, such as the shortage of funds, the limited room space, and professional management.

Features of HTT-P series 15-400K UPS

System safety and reliability

  1. 1. N+1 redundant parallel function, parallel load unbalanced current <5%, which greatly improves the reliability of the UPS system.
  2. 2. Input protection, output protection, battery protection, temperature protection and other protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of UPS.
  3. 3. The core components are all the world's first-line brands, high-quality, and high-reliability guarantee the safety and reliability of UPS;

Energy saving and high efficiency, good performance

  1. 1. High-efficiency and energy-saving designing: Extremely high efficiency, in the rectifier inverter working mode, the efficiency is ≥ 94%; in the high-efficiency mode, the efficiency is ≥ 98.5%.
  2. 2. Input power factor>0.99, output voltage regulation accuracy ±1%; Output waveform distortion degree<2% (linear load);
  3. 3. Intelligent fan cooling designing reduces energy consumption and noise, increasing the service life of the fan;

Digital intelligent design

  1. 1. Using three high-speed digital controllers is to realize circuit control, parameter setting, operating program management functions; It has the advanced self-checking and self-checking functions, self-checking and fault analysis for all independent circuit connections on the circuit board.
  2. 2. Efficient DSP+CPLD operation, controlling and management system: The whole module online UPS adopts DSP full digital operation processor and the output voltage is high precision. There is no potentiometer inside of it, and the analog controlling is integrated into digital controlling, which provides flexible control performance and stability to ensure the consistency and reliability of the UPS.

Being Safe and convenient to operate and doing the maintenance.

  1. 1. LCD touch screen display, which is including unique simple and beautiful Orange interface, easily to operate.
  2. 2. SIMILAR module design, high power density, place saving, convenient to do daily maintenance.
  3. 3. Simple parallel mode of single network cable, multiple cable entry modes, built-in casters, easy to move.

Five core designs of HTT-P series 15-400K UPS

1.Energy sharing mutual aid design

Battery module is double conversion working under the grid mode, whcih can charge and discharge at the same time. When the input rectifier reaches the setting value of power, the battery module will stop charging, and the reverse operation enters the discharging mode to help the rectifier provide energy for the inverter. It can deal with various extreme situations, improving the safety and reliability of UPS.

  1. Intelligent battery management technology

Intelligent battery management technology extends battery life by more than 30%. In order to adapt to the continuous increasing demand of lithium batteries and fill the gap in the communication between UPS and lithium batteries, a lithium battery detection system specially matched to HTT-P series UPS was developed. This system can be directly attached to the independently developed Orange interfaces; you can easily and quickly understand the various parameters of the lithium battery to ensure that the system is stable and reliable.

  1. Self-aging function

The ECT self-aging test technology can be operated through the touch screen at any time, which is without renting a load, without any additional cable connection, and can test the working status of various components inside the UPS with full load.

  1. Power Walk in function

Online UPS can greatly reduce the impact on equipment and power grid during system startup, increasing the service life of BUS capacitor, and providing safer and stable output power. It is convenient to connect to generators of various capacities and smoothly transition.

  1. Micro storage function

Based on the peak-to-valley price, the micro storage function discharges at peak times and charges at trough times, during it the load power supply is uninterrupted, intelligently adjusting the charging and discharging state and entering the resting state, customizing the reserved power. When the system is abnormal, adding and modifying software can realize the automatically adjusting the intelligent alert functions without adding any cost.

HTT-P series 15-400K UPS is the whole solution, which is integrated into configuration scheme and free combination, which can provide customers with perfect matching solutions. The integrated design of multiple options can improve safety and reliability in terms of space saving and easy installation then we develops the two sets of all solutions: HTT-P series 15-60K and HTT-P series 80-400K.


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