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How does an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) work?
How does an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) work?

Basic introduction of UPS

The uninterruptible power supply, also known as the UPS system, is widely used for providing clean and reliable backup power to your computer system or connected equipment when the regular power source has been failed or voltage dropped to an unacceptable level. The UPS can provide regular power for the connected equipment without the influences from power outage, high voltage, low voltage, power surges, and other interruption.

UPS system is suitable for those applications which demand regular and good quality power such as telephone exchanges, computer centers, and various industrial-process control and monitoring systems, emergency lighting systems, telecom, transportation, electricity substation, Spaceflight, railway system or shipping system, etc.

How do different types of UPS systems work

Normally, different UPS systems provide different levels of power protection for electric equipment. Based on Standard IEC 62040, there are three types of UPS systems on the market.

  1. Standby UPS (also known as off-line)
  2. Double Conversion UPS (also known as on-line)
  3. Line Interactive UPS

How Standby UPS Works

This type is the most basic and simplest and low-cost for power protection. The standby UPS will switch to the condition of full charge as backup power for the connected equipment if the common power supply has problems like a blackout, voltage surge, or voltage sag.

Operation Principle: The UPS will switch to DC battery power and then inverts it to AC power to run the connected equipment when the utility power comes with irregular situations like dropping to a below common level or surges above safe voltage level.

Applications: Consumer electronics, POS systems, Computers, Security systems, and other normal electronics equipment.

Limitations: For mission-critical environments such as sophisticated and sensitive data centers, the Standby UPS(off-line) is not the most suitable way for power protection because it operates without a real static switch so it needs a certain time to transfer the load to the inverter.

How Double Conversion UPS works

This type always provides clean, consistent, and near perfect power without considering the condition of incoming power.

* Operation Principle: Double Conversion UPS(offline) will convert the incoming AC power to DC power and then again back to AC power. It doesn’t require a switch to DC power because it can operate on isolated DC power 100% of the time and does not need time to transfer.

* Applications: Mission-critical IT equipment, large data centers, large telecom installations, and storage applications, etc. Also suitable for the advanced network equipment when it comes with the problems of a blackout, voltage sag, surge, voltage spike, frequency variation, or harmonic distortion.

How Line Interactive UPS Works

This type of UPS has adopted technology that allows it to correct minor power fluctuations in event of under voltages and over voltages without switching to battery. Similarly to Standby UPS, it can provide backup power for the connected equipment. However, the difference is that it improves the protection for the automatic voltage regulator or AVS, and maximally reduces the unpredictable risks from any voltage.

Operation Principle: The line interactive UPS has an auto-transformer which regulates under voltages and over voltages without switching to battery, providing common and static power in event of blackout, voltage sag, voltage surges or over-voltage.

Application: Consumer electronics, Gaming system, PCs, Network equipment, Mid-range serves, and other electronic equipment.

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