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How to meet your PV spontaneous needs
How to meet your PV spontaneous needs

In 2021, affected by the global epidemic, the price of photovoltaic industry chain is at a high level, and the global photovoltaic installed demand has not been fully released. With the release of silicon expansion capacity and the booming development of renewable energy, photovoltaic installed capacity in 2022 is expected to increase by about 30% year-on-year to 200-220GW.


From the perspective of regional demand, the demand in the Asia-Pacific region is growing steadily, with China, India, Vietnam and Australia as the major incremental markets. Italy, Portugal, Greece and the United Kingdom are likely to be the fastest growing countries in the 2022 European market due to the strong demand in the European market and the positive promotion of incentive policies and bidding. The United States, Brazil and Chile are the top three markets with high concentration in the Americas, and Colombia, Canada and other markets are expected to explode. The central and East African market has a huge growth space, and the installed capacity is mainly ground power stations and industrial and commercial industries. It is expected that a large amount of new installed capacity will be achieved in 2022.

From the incremental forecast of each region, with the gradual stabilization of the global epidemic situation, the number of photovoltaic installations is getting higher and higher. So how to solve the relationship between photovoltaic and the existing main power grid becomes very delicate. Because the supply of photovoltaic is not very stable, it is a high-quality capacity supplement for mature power grid, but for areas without grid-connected or unstable grid-connected power, the role of medium-high power solar off-grid inverter will be highlighted.


‘Wise lead the global industry source’ is the vision of Aerospace Baykee, therefore, under the ‘Dual carbon’ goal; energy transformation has been recognized as the next wind in the market. Baykee adheres to the corporate vision and should give full play to its due advantages in solar energy system.


TYN series solar inverter is an intelligent multi-functional power supply developed by Baykee for the current market. It contains isolation transformer to avoid mutual interference and improve the reliability of products from components. With the gradual saturation of the household market, investors for the development of remote mountain areas, areas without electricity, islands or some communication base station applications cast favorable eyes. Perhaps, this TYN off-grid inverter can bring you a suitable construction option. The following part will show how the inverter be in performance within solar system.

TYN series inverter with external MPPT solar controller to improve charging efficiency is to achieve efficient operation of the system. In order to reduce the probability of photovoltaic complete failure, each controller is designed with two independent solar energy inputs. In the way of energy storage, inverter application has two working modes of battery priority and power grid priority for customers to choose, to meet the actual use requirements of customers. System working data is transmitted through RS-485 communication port, and there is additional WiFi network monitoring.


TYN series solar inverter is designed for photovoltaic and main power grid sharing function, the most priority energy supply is photovoltaic power supply, photovoltaic power supply to the inverter through The MPPT controller, the inverter output pure sine wave AC power to the load while charging the backup battery; When solar power is insufficient, it is replaced by the grid. In this mode, the energy and utility of solar energy are greatly accessed, the discharge of the battery is reduced, the service life of the battery is prolonged, the initial investment of the battery is reduced, and the investment return ratio of the investors is better.


Working principle for the TYN solar inverter,

- Grid priority mode:

  1. When solar poweris rich enough, battery and loads or supply by the the solar power, the grid are in the standby mode.

  1. When solar poweris less, grid and solar power supply the load and batte

In the battery priority mode, the utility of solar energy is maximized in the stable supply environment of the main grid. Photovoltaic supply inverter through MPPT controller, through the inverter output pure sinusoidal AC to the load end, but also to charge the battery; When the amount of solar energy is insufficient to support the load, the system makes full use of solar energy, with the battery acting as an auxiliary role to maximize the use of photovoltaic energy and reduce the use of the main grid. In the environment without power grid, this effect is particularly prominent.


- Battery priority mode:

  1. The solar power is enough, solar power can charge the battery and supply the load.

  1. The solar power is limited, battery and the solar power supply the power together. The solar power is less, only the battery supply the power. The capacity of the battery decides the backup time.

In addition to the diversified use mode to make better use of sunlight, the environmental conditions that the solar inverter can withstand are also an important consideration. Normal operation under relative humidity less than 90%. Working temperature in 0-45℃; Ambient temperature range is 35-55℃. Beyond this range, we try to reduce the rated power loss of the machine by 2% for every 1℃ increase. If the user does not automatically reduce the rated power, when MPPT reach the high temperature, it will automatically drop output power to protect itself, the inverter will automatically switch to the mains bypass in the high temperature point (90℃).


Through the introduction of the operation mode of Baykee solar inverter in this paper, We believe that we can feel the convenience and benefits that solar energy as an energy source can bring to our industry and life. If you are interested in investing in solar energy storage systems recently, we are waiting for you with our best service attitude. It doesn't matter if the deal is closed or not. Knowing more information can help us live a more fulfilling life and immerse ourselves in a world full of treasures.

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