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How to extend the power supply time of uninterruptible power supplies?
How to extend the power supply time of uninterruptible power supplies?

There are two ways to extend the power supply time of an uninterruptible power supply:


1.Increase the ups battery capacity

The number of ups batteries can be increased according to the length of time required for power supply, but this method will result in a relative increase in battery charging time, and will also increase the number of corresponding maintenance equipment, increase product volume, and increase the overall cost of the UPS;

  1. Choose a high capacity ups

Not only can this method reduce maintenance costs, but if you need to expand the load equipment, the larger capacity uninterruptible power supply can still work normally.


How to manage and monitor the ups? Via communication port: Relay connection; RS-232 interface; AS400 interface; SNMP interface; USB interface.


Power monitoring software is used in conjunction with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to improve the performance of uninterruptible power supplies. During the process of using the uninterruptible power supply, the user can accurately grasp the working state of the uninterruptible power supply and record the stability of the commercial power for the technician to analyze. When the utility power is interrupted or the battery power is terminated, the functions of document storage, system shutdown, and shutdown of the UPS can be automatically performed. The new generation of power monitoring software also has functions such as UPS remote monitoring and UPS timer switching.

The importance of the annual inspection, maintenance about the ups.

  1. Keep the dust filter clean: do some cleaning work
  2. Check the breaker and switch timely(check if any broken or loosen)
  3. Check the event record of ups from the software or display.
  4. Suggest to replace it after 8-10 years using.


As ups manufacturer, we suggest clients to do the maintenance under the engineer’s guidance. Besides, each ups before packed, all include a user manual, it will guide you how to install, and maintenance. At the same time, Baykee offer 7-24hours online service, can solve the problem for you timely.


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