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How to ensure the continuous use of outdoor electrical equipment
How to ensure the continuous use of outdoor electrical equipment

Every day there are a lot of people shuttle in the town of the road, heavy traffic. Traffic lights play an important role in directing road traffic safety, it seems that it will never stop the pace of operation. However, have you ever worried that there will be accidents in everything, even if it is only one in ten thousand. It is difficult to determine responsibility for a crash caused by a traffic signal failure. That's because if a faulty traffic light causes enough confusion for drivers at an intersection, your collision and how it happened may get lost in the shuffle.

Recently, Malaysia's Miri Province Public Works Bureau received a complaint, traffic lights malfunction, for the road operation has brought a greater impact. However, an investigation by the authorities showed that a power pole on Bersao Road 11 had broken down and lost power in the early hours of that day, while the traffic light at the intersection of Po Yi Road 7 operated on backup batteries until 11:42 PM when it ran out and failed.

It sounds like an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). When the power supply is not satisfied, the power from the backup power supply is used to provide power to the electrical equipment for a limited time. However, generally speaking, isn't UPS installed indoors and equipped with a good operating environment? The location of this accident is outdoors, which should not be able to install and use the UPS.

Aerospace Baykee's HW series of online outdoor UPS was behind the backup power supply. BAYKEE HW outdoor UPS has been exported to Malaysia many times, serving local traffic lights and other industries for many years. HW series is a new generation of control devices and advanced software perfect combination of all intelligent digital products. This series of products take the sixth generation of high-power loss IGBT and static switch as power devices, and fully adopt the digital control technology with on-line programmable high-speed microprocessor (MCU) as the core, which is the perfect interpretation of the essence of Baykee digital circuit technology. With excellent performance and 100% adaptability to power grid environment, It is widely used in communication industry, outdoor communication base station, high-speed railway and other industries.

What are the features of the HW series outdoor online UPS?

Full digital control technology

Outdoor special uninterrupted power supply series, with the ultimate clear interface information processing and full digital control technology, through the main control panel to the internal digital circuit technology for centralized management. Through high precision SMD technology and IGBT inverter technology, equipped with intelligent communication tools for remote monitoring. The UPS can be remotely monitored in real time.

Intelligent battery management

The application of intelligent battery management can better grasp the battery information, automatically adjust the battery charging parameters according to the user's battery configuration, and perform equalization and floating charge conversion, temperature compensation charging, and discharge management for the battery according to the power supply environment.

Excellent load characteristics

It can meet the load transition from 0 to 1 without switching to bypass, and the protection output is stable and reliable. Can adapt to various forms of electrical equipment, coupled with perfect protection function conditions, all make HW series can achieve the reliability characteristics of ultra-adaptable environment.

Has a strong ability to adapt to the environment

BAYKEE outdoor integrated cabinet adopts IP55 protection grade, which can be dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-high and low temperature design, built-in lightning protection module, which can effectively prevent lightning strikes from damaging components. The built-in battery and built-in air conditioner can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the harsh outdoor environment.


If you feel that this routine configuration is not enough for your actual power distribution needs, don't worry, Burke's professional power level also offers optional input harmonic filter 12 pulse rectifier, battery patrol module and more personalized Settings. Achieve high performance dynamic characteristics at the right cost.

With the constant change of power supply environment and the continuous deterioration of energy resources, Aerospace Baykee will make use of its own advantages to make power supply better and make progress while maintaining stability.

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