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How to choose a suitable 3 phase UPS for my office/factory?
How to choose a suitable 3 phase UPS for my office/factory?

How to choose a suitable UPS for my office/factory? In our former negotiation with the clients, they told us their office have the need for no break ups. All the plastic machine/office equipment need to keep 7-24 hours no break power supply, so the manufacture machine can produce the products without any default in case of any electric shutoff. In the locally, the electricity/ grid condition is not so good. Because local Urban infrastructure, especially the city power supply system is not completely like developed country, everyday 3-5 times shut off, in some countries even electricity shut off every hour, it has extremely affected local everyday living and manufacturing.

To reduce the loss, the company director ask for help and reach our company, we have further discussion with the engineer, based on the grid condition, load condition, choose an economic high capacity 3 phase ups solution for their large capacity equipment in their factory.

75kw machine, with around 5kw some necessary office equipment, electricity in his city shut off 3-5 times, so need ups battery to keep 2 hours, and his Mains wiring is very simple, only a mains input, without the power distribution box to manage each machine.

Besides, they have the generator to connect the ups via the dry contact. Based on this situation, our engineer finally give the solution. Use 100kva high capacity 3 phase ups CHP3100kva, input and output voltage 110/220v, without neutral line. Complied with our power distribution BK-ZNPD series, use Baykee’s free maintenance lead acid ups battery 2V500AH, battery cabinet, and also choose some switch for his equipment and some branch wire. After the whole 3 phase 100kva ups system is finished, our engineer will go to clients’ places to install and adjust the whole system to make sure all the system can install and function well.

Before you choose a suitable ups for your office or factory, it is necessary to ask the professional company or engineer for advice, we will evaluate your local grid condition, load condition and economic needs to choose a suitable ups for you.

You are still worried about if I need a ups or not? Before you are considering about this, many cool company already built a complete ups emergency system to reduce the loss and extend the production capacity.

Baykee UPS can offer you various choose and solution:

1kva to 10kva online ups, single phase, suit 0.8kw to 8kw equipment, High frequency ups HS series, with battery inbuilt or excluded.

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Baykee is effectively designing and manufacturing 3 Phase Ups in bulk!

The skill worked over the years in giving premium quality answers for secure exceptionally dependable force even in the harshest climate positions remarkably our 3-stage UPS range.

We endeavor to be creative by offering top-quality customized 3 Phase Ups solutions.

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