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How is the 300kVA solar pv system applicant in Nigeria? How is the solar system market locally?
How is the 300kVA solar pv system applicant in Nigeria? How is the solar system market locally?

Since 2013, we have exported many off grid solar system to Nigeria before, 60kva solar pv system for the village, 100kva solar panel system for the building, 160kva solar PV system for commercial use, etc. After so many years use, recently we have asked some of clients for using feedback, many of them told us the solar system is very good and stable. Each month, it has reduced their electric bills, what is more, it reduce the trouble for no electric shutoff, as the local grid condition is bad, and temperature is very high, the using of solar system to make sure the normal supply of home equipment like refrigerator and air conditional working well. The stable solar power system guaranteed normal living and production work.

As the good feedback and the market needs, this week, Baykee’s 300kva solar pv system will be loaded and shipped to Lagos timely. The 300kva solar PV system choose 2 pcs of 300kva solar inverter TYN33-300KVA working in parallel. The TYN33-300KVA solar inverter is low frequency off grid online solar inverter, will realize the online double conversion from AC to DC, DC to AC, transfer the solar power into the DC power and AC to the loads. In the whole 300kva solar PV system, our engineer configured 7pcs of MPPT solar charge controller, it will track the peak power of solar panel and charge the OPzV battery. Besides, the 7pcs pf PV combiner box will control all the solar panels and make the power distribution.


The most important part in the solar system is the OPzV series ups battery. 384pcs of 2V400 ah OPzV battery, will support the backup power for the whole 300kva off grid solar system. The 300kva off grid solar system will supply the main power for the commercial use and charge the battery at daytime. When no solar, the storage battery will support the power, once battery is empty, then transfer to the grid. All the transfer is automatically and online, there will be no effect for normally grid supply when transfer.

Now the solar system market is very welcomed in Nigeria, for the policy support and market needs, many distributor locally find more and more competitive solar system supplier. Baykee is good at the whole off grid solar system, from single solar inverter to the full system, welcome you to send us the request.

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