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Advantages and Disadvantages of High Capacity Offline UPS
Advantages and Disadvantages of High Capacity Offline UPS

High capacity standby uninterrupted power source, is also known as high capacity offline UPS. When the power supply is normal, the power supply is supplied to the electric equipment by the power supply through simple voltage stabilizing filter output, and the battery is in the state of charging. When the power is cut off, the UPS inverter works, transforming the direct current provided by the battery into stable alternating current and outputting it to the electric equipment. Because the UPS power inverter does not work when the power supply is normal at ordinary times, it only starts to work when the uninterruptible power source ups battery backup is discharged when the power supply is cut off, so this kind of UPS is called off-line uninterruptible power source.


When the mains supply is normal, the mains supply will directly output the load after voltage stabilization, and at the same time, the rectifier will convert the alternating current to the direct current to charge the battery. At this moment, the inverter will not work. When there is a problem in the city power supply, the power is supplied by the battery and the load is output by the inverter. The switching time is about 4-10ms.

2.The advantages of offline ups system are small size, high efficiency, low price and low operation cost. Because the inverter is in non working state under normal circumstances, the power grid directly supplies the load, so the power conversion efficiency of backup UPS is very high. The service life of battery is generally 3 ~ 5 years.

3.The disadvantages of offline ups system are as follows:

When there is a fault in power supply, there is a long conversion time from grid power supply to inverter power supply. For those devices with high requirements for power quality, the length of this conversion time is crucial. Moreover, because the inverter of standby UPS power source does not work frequently, it is not easy to master the dynamic state of the inverter, which is easy to form hidden fault. Off line UPS power supply is generally used in some non critical small power equipment.


The high capacity offline UPS is mainly suitable for the occasions where the electric wave movement is not big and the power supply quality is not high. The switching time of off-line UPS is generally less than 10 ms, so it is not suitable for use in critical places where power supply cannot be interrupted. However, in fact, the switching time is very short, and the switching power supply of the general computer or the electrical equipment itself should be able to maintain about 10 ms when the power is off. Generally, the electrical equipment will not have problems due to this switching time.


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