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Detailed Explanation Of Photovoltaic AC Combiner Box For Photovoltaic Power Station
Detailed Explanation Of Photovoltaic AC Combiner Box For Photovoltaic Power Station

For a large photovoltaic power station, the amount of the combiner box is only 1%, but 100% of the current passes through it, and the failure of the combiner box during commissioning operation and maintenance accounts for 20-30% of the entire power station. In addition, unsafe confluence boxes are likely to cause fires that threaten property and life.
Next, Siugu will introduce the PV AC combiner box from the product function introduction, product display, technical parameters, wiring schematic diagram, installation tools, installation precautions, wiring, etc., aiming to let PV people know more about the combiner box and understand more about it. The method of installation and the details of the attention.If you want to know more about combiner box, solar inverter, etc., you can contact us.


One: Introduction of photovoltaic AC combiner box product features
1. Photovoltaic AC combiner box adopts photovoltaic system of string inverter, installed between the AC output side of the inverter and the grid point/load.
2. The internal configuration has input circuit breaker, output circuit breaker, AC lightning protection device, optional intelligent monitoring instrument (monitoring system voltage, current, power, electric energy, etc.)
3. Main function: Converging the output current of multiple inverters, while protecting the inverter from the harm of AC grid side/load, as the output disconnection point of the inverter, improve the safety of the system, protect the installation and maintenance. Personnel safety

Two: PV AC combiner box installation precautions
The protection level of the cabinet is IP65, which is suitable for outdoor installation. The installation position should meet the following requirements:
1. The position of the combiner box should be fully considered according to its size and weight (see the parameter section).
2. The installation environment temperature of the combiner box should be between -25 °C and +60 °C, and the relative humidity should be between 0 and 95%.
3. The combiner box should be installed in a dry, well ventilated, dustproof place.
4. In and out line type and installation method: armored cable is driven in and out, and the outdoor PV module bracket is suspended from the rear pillar.
5. Avoid installing in direct sunlight, otherwise excessive temperature will reduce the system's power generation and may also affect the life of the combiner box.
6. For better heat dissipation and convenient daily maintenance, install enough space in the four directions of the combiner box.

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