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Daxing International Airport officially opened to air, Aerospace Baykee cheered for the new country gate
Daxing International Airport officially opened to air, Aerospace Baykee cheered for the new country gate

Daxing International Airport, which was ranked as the "Seven Wonders of the New World" by the British "Guardian", has created more than 40 international and domestic firsts. It has built the world's largest single terminal building in 4 years. High-tech is displayed in every detail. We Aerospace Baykee also quietly dedicated the "electricity" to cheer for the new country.

Recently, Aerospace Baykee's independent research and development power supply products have successfully settled in Beijing Daxing International Airport. After a month of rigorous deployment, installation and commissioning tests, the high-frequency UPS uninterrupted power supply and intelligent evacuation indication system are successively reliable operation in various aviation bases and aviation food distribution bases. Providing high-reliability power protection for the “logistics base” of Daxing International Airport.

As an important part of Daxing Airport, Aerospace's aviation base aviation food facility project covers the catering center, aviation food business and office auxiliary facilities. It is of great significance to operate the airport function and enhance the competitiveness and radiation of the new airport.

From bustling days to quiet nights, airport are uninterrupted operations throughout the year, and continuity of power is critical to the seamless operation of the airport. Power availability depends on the power infrastructure of the highly automated, remotely monitored based substation.

The Aerospace Baykee power solution not only provides safe power to the critical infrastructure of the dining room, but also serves as the last line of protection for emergency lighting, ensuring that each avionics' automated control system continues to operate while ensuring the availability and superior performance of emergency lighting.

In recent years, Aerospace Baykee's one-stop power solution has provided support for 26 airports in China. Our high-reliability products and services are our always commitment. As a leading power quality service provider, we will help you achieve the highest levels of availability for your airport's critical facilities and systems while maximizing your energy efficiency goals.


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