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Cooperate Again after Ten years! Aerospace BAYKEE Assists Costa Rica to Build An Intelligent National Stadium.
Cooperate Again after Ten years! Aerospace BAYKEE Assists Costa Rica to Build An Intelligent National Stadium.

In 2010, Aerospace Baykee power supply Online UPS solution with high reliability assisted Costa Rica's National Stadium for the first time. As time goes by, the facilities of the Stadium get old and creaky, and it is difficult to meet the increasing material and cultural needs of its people. Recently, the national stadium has decided to upgrade and reconstruct.

Being able to work together after 10 years, Aerospace Baykee provides an integrated Online UPS solution for Costa Rica national stadium to become 'intelligent'.

Aerospace Baykee's technical team provide an integrated Online UPS power solution according to stadium's actual needs after fully analyzing the load features, actual power utilization and power demand of significant facilities in different kinds.

As for stadium's emergency lightening system and firing emergency system, Baykee technical team offers an emergency power solution focused on Baykee BK-D series divided from EPS(Emergency Power Supply). BK-D series can reach up to 100% efficiency and adopt fully digital control technology to guarantee reliable emergency power supply. For stadium's multimedia system, security monitoring system and other infrastructure, Baykee's technical team decides to adopt CHP3000, MP3100 and MP1100 series (equipped with Baykee Lead-acid batteries and batteries inspection instruments), to guarantee uninterrupted power for relevant equipments. Baykee EPS series are composed of BK-D (firing emergency luminaries) and FEPS (firefighting equipments). This series' capacity vary from 1kVA to 100kVA, with the following features: high-speed MCU and CPLD, software programming control, the 6th generation low dropout IGBT drive inverter in power devices and MOSFET of high-speed and low-consumption. EPS series are widely used in fire-control industry. UPS series are divided into CHP3000 series(3 phase in/ 3 phase out), MP3100 series(3 phase in/ single phase out) and MP1100 series(1 phase in/ 1 phase out). These series capacity vary from 1kVA to 800kVA with the following features: human voice alarm, LCD touch screen display in Chinese and English, high-speed microprocessor, the 6th generation of IGBT inverter technology and static switch. With big capacity, high reality and stable performance, these series are widely used in transportation, medical care, industry and commerce buildings.

Keeping up with the times, Aerospace Baykee’s Online UPS solutions get updated iteratively. With reliable product quality and comprehensive service system, Aerospace Baykee has earned respect and compliment from customers.

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