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Baykee “Uninterruptible Power Supply System Construction” Program Enters Tsinghua University Protein Research Center
Baykee “Uninterruptible Power Supply System Construction” Program Enters Tsinghua University Protein Research Center

Baykee’s uninterruptible power supply online UPS escort the Tsinghua University protein research center, supply the constaneous power for the reaserch center, greatly solve the power supply problem in case of any emergency.

Tsinghua University Protein Research Technology Center Is the world's largest frozen electronics Microscopy laboratory and structural biology research platform. The cryo-electron microscope platform is a national protein science research. (Beijing) facilities at the core of the Tsinghua University base, It is the main support facility for the biological development of Tsinghua University. The cryo-electron mirror platform is now equipped with 8 transmission electron microscopes. Includes 3 of the world's most advanced FEI Titan Krios 300KV field emission cryo-TEM. So the normal power supply for those equipment is very essential, the uninterruptible power supply make sure there is no break when the equipment in use.

Bio-computer platform as a cryo-electron microscope platform Supporting sub-system, by building a dedicated high-performance computer cluster, leveraging its big data processing and parallel computing capabilities, provide support for the calculation and analysis of SEM data.As the research groups increase their demand for electron microscopes, the cryo-electron microscopes were continuously overloaded for 7*24 days and nights. As the most advanced electron microscope equipment in the world, It requires extremely high quality and reliability of power supply. After discuss and different research, the double conversion online UPS can meet the requirement.

Due to harmonics, voltage and frequency in the mains. Problems such as sudden changes in key factors and fluctuations, It is difficult to guarantee that high-precision equipment will be in operation. Accurate and reliable data and safe and stable operation. After understanding the customer needs, finally we choose the online double conversion ups--Modular UPS, dynamic ring monitoring, computer room air conditioner and other components to supply the main load in the lab.

1.Functional aspects:

The UPS adopts double conversion technology to turn the mains into a clean and stable power supply through the secondary conversion of the rectifier and the inverter. The online battery pack can ensure the uninterrupted power supply of the equipment!

  1. Economic benefits:

The online UPS mainframe adopts modular structure, the system efficiency is up to 95%, the UPS power loss is reduced, and the power loss of air conditioning refrigeration is also reduced. The UPS mainframe selects the online modular structure, the system reliability is over 0.999, which is 100 times higher than the common structure UPS. The above greatly reduces the probability of power failure and failure of the load device, and reduces the economic loss caused by equipment downtime.

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