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Baykee’s ups supply the no break ups power for First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College
Baykee’s ups supply the no break ups power for First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College

Last week, Baykee escort in the First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College, supply our emergency power supply for its data center and other equipment.


Based on the high standard requirements of users for reliability and stable power support, the Aerospace Baykee technical team has customized the BK series EPS emergency power supply as the core power solution for the characteristics of diverse and dispersed hospital infrastructure equipment.


This series of products adopts intelligent digital control technology, high-efficiency IGBT inverter technology, and has superior load characteristics. At the same time, the product performance is stable, and the whole machine efficiency is up to 100%.

Besides the EPS, among all of our baykee’s hospital project, the modular ups, double conversion online ups also widely applicant for different equipment. What is the character of those ups? And how to choose a suitable ups?


The system structure of the modular UPS power supply is extremely flexible. The design concept of the power module is free to remove and install during the operation of the system without affecting the operation and output of the system, enabling the investment planning to achieve “on-demand expansion” and allowing users to follow the business. The development of "dynamic growth" not only meets the on-demand expansion of post-equipment equipment, but also reduces the initial acquisition cost.


Application areas:

Data processing center, computer room, ISP service provider, telecommunications, finance, securities, transportation, taxation, medical system, etc.


EPS:An emergency power source used in emergency buildings, accident lighting, and fire protection facilities in today's important buildings. It is mainly composed of an input unit, an output unit, a charging module, a battery pack, an inverter, a monitor, an output switching device, etc., and the system can provide emergency power supply in an emergency state.

It is widely used for AC emergency power supply of various first-class and special-imported loads when the mains is interrupted, such as power supply of various important computer systems; working power supply and fire-fighting power supply for various buildings; safe power supply for hospitals; highways, tunnels for transportation systems, Power supply for subways, light rails, and civil airports; power supply for power systems; power supply for various types of production and experimental equipment that cannot be powered off. The device requires a pure sine

wave high quality power supply.


High capacity ups, from 50kva to 100kva, suit for large equipment and high power electricity consumption places. Baykee’s modular ups can make reaches 1000kva, it will be a good choice for them.


Welcome to learn more details about our modular ups and EPS on our web.

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