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Baykee’s Modular UPS and EPS will attend The 14th China Public Security Form
Baykee’s Modular UPS and EPS will attend The 14th China Public Security Form


Recently, the 14th China Public Security Form( called CPSE 2018) will hold in Shunyi, China. Baykee’s UPS and EPS will attend and show on the exhibition. As the world's largest security professional exhibition, with a single exhibition area of 105,000 square meters, is one of the most authoritative and influential security exhibitions in the world. The CPSE 2018 will be held once a year, at the end of October each year. Held in early November.


This time, China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Institute leads its factory, Listed enterprises, high-tech enterprises, Join hands in the exhibition.


The exhibition covers nine categories: public security information, computer room modular data center, detection and monitoring, emergency response, information security, comprehensive management, solution, command and dispatch, and large security.

Baykee’s exhibiting products: modular data center solutions; UPS uninterruptible power supply series; fire equipment emergency power supply series; fire emergency lighting centralized power supply series. All those product will show to the clients and visitors from all over the world. What is more important, the professional technician will give the introduction at sight, we wish to have a face to face meeting at you on the exhibition.


Now let us have a brief introduction about our modular data center solutions; the character of modular data center is 1.Adaptable to the scene, maximize the use of space 2.Modular design, standardized production, one week of deployment 3.Modular architecture, capacity expansion, high efficiency, low energy consumption 4.One-to-one professional service, all-round intelligent management. There are three types: Cabinet level, platoon level, pool level, they are all Integrated, standardized, factory pre-engineered modular ups data

Center solution.


Fire equipment emergency power supply series;Choose Baykee’s EPS BK-D series, they are the offline ups, have shorter transfer time, and higher efficiency, The control host usually monitors each terminal in real time through the bus network, and reports the terminal device fault in real time, which is convenient for maintenance.


Whatever, Baykee’s EPS, modular ups, online ups and offline ups, becomes very import products in guard the people’s value and life safety. After read this, if you want to learn more, welcome to visit our web. or

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