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BAYKEE Off-grid PV Solar Systems Working Well in Nigeria, How is the PV Solar Power System Market?
BAYKEE Off-grid PV Solar Systems Working Well in Nigeria, How is the PV Solar Power System Market?

Since 2013, we have exported many off-grid solar systems to the Nigerian market, the village’s 60kva solar photovoltaic system, the building’s 100kva solar panel system, and the commercial 160kva solar photovoltaic system. After years of use, we recently asked some customers to provide feedback, many of whom told us that the solar system is very good and stable. Every month, it reduces their electricity bills. In addition, it reduces the trouble of no electricity shutdown due to poor local grid conditions and high temperatures. Users of solar energy systems must ensure the normal supply of household equipment, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, Works well. The stable solar energy system guarantees normal life and production work.

Recently, our customer also feedbacks another 480kW off-grid solar power system always working very well in Lagos. The system chose 2 units of 300kva off-grid solar inverter TYN33-300KVA working in parallel, our engineer configured 7pcs of MPPT solar charge controllers, which tracked the peak power of solar panel and charge the OPzV battery. Besides, the 7pcs pf PV combiner box controlled all the solar panels and make the power distribution.

The most important part of the solar system is the OPzV series ups battery. 384 2V400 ah OPzV batteries will provide backup power for the entire off-grid solar system. The off-grid solar system will provide main power for commercial use and charge the battery during the day. When there is no solar energy, the battery will power the battery, and once the battery pack is empty, it will then be transferred to the grid. All transmissions are automatically online, and normal grid supply will not have any impact during transmission.

Now, the photovoltaic solar power system market is very popular in the entire market all over the world. From a single solar inverter to a complete system solution, Baylee is good at the entire off-grid solar system. You are welcome to contact us for more details!

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