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Baykee Modular UPS allows you more choices
Baykee Modular UPS allows you more choices

Nowadays, UPS is widely used in various fields all over the world, different fields and industries have put forward higher requirements for the use of UPS. To meet the actual needs of different customers, Baykee has designed and developed modular UPS that provide great flexibility in reconfiguring power to meet changing business needs. When installing, upgrading, reconfiguring or moving modular systems, Its independent components, standard interfaces, and simple operations save time and cost, helping users build and invest in phases.

UPS is the abbreviation for Uninterrupted Power Supply. It connects batteries to the host and converts dc power into mains electricity through host inverters and other modules. At present, UPS can be divided into low frequency UPS, high frequency UPS and modular UPS. Customers can make effective choices based on different usage requirements, usage habits and product budgets.

Baykee modular UPS consists of a modular cabinet and power modules. The modular cabinet is equivalent to a cabinet, and the power module is equivalent to a drawer. The modular UPS consists of the rack, UPS power module, static switch module, display communication module, and battery string. Adopt drawer type, high intelligent multi-system modular design and online hot swap technology to realize online replacement and online maintenance, reduce maintenance difficulty and achieve zero shutdown. At the same time, N-X and redundant wireless technology is adopted. To facilitate future capacity expansion or reduction, each module rack can be completely separated. More modules can be added in the future according to current service requirements, which is very convenient to use.

Considering the user's purchase cost, application scenarios, convenience and other aspects of demand, Baykee designs different models such as BKH-M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, to achieve a power range from 10KVA to 2.4MVA (4 Parallel) full range of supply.

BKH-M1: Single module: 10KVA, Power range: 10KVA-120KVA
BKH-M2: Single module: 20KVA, Power range: 20KVA-200KVA
BKH-M3: Single module: 30KVA, Power range: 30KVA-300KVA
BKH-M4: Single module: 40KVA, Power range: 40KVA-520KVA
BKH-M5: Single module: 50KVA, Power range: 50KVA-600KVA

Do you want to have an intelligent, convenient, cost-efficiency and reliable UPS in your application system? Compared with the traditional low or high frequency UPS, Baykee modular UPS can meet your needs:

⦁ Modular design
Baykee Modular UPS design contains Display module, Monitoring module, bypass module and power module, and the single power module capacity can be from 10KVA to 50KVA which provide customer’s more flexible choice when in actual application.

⦁ Optimize the three-level inverter technology
Integrated with the state-of-the-art technology, Baykee modular UPS can better eliminate the negative half-cycle waveform of pulse width modulation, reduce chopping current and harmonics, and improve transient response capability, at the same time, it reduces half switching loss and device pressure when compare to the two-level circuit and make the whole machine more efficiency and longer service life.

⦁ Hot plug and parallel technology
Power module and monitoring module can be hot swapped, convenient for online maintenance.

⦁ Intelligent digital control
We equip with advanced digital control algorithms: 150 MIPS high speed DSP, dual DSP and dual CPLD processing, so that to result a fast processing speed, timely and accurate event processing.

⦁ Virtual impedance parallel technology
Excellent current sharing performance is among power modules, good redundancy, no single point of failure risk, and high reliability.

⦁ APFC rectification technology
Active Power Factor Correction improves the Power Factor of Power electronic devices on the network side, reduces line loss, saves energy, reduces harmonic pollution of Power grid, and improves Power supply quality of Power grid.

⦁ Intelligent fan cooling design
The cooling fan is designed with intelligent speed control to effectively dissipate heat and minimize noise to create a stable running condition and quiet working environment.

⦁ ABM battery management
Baykee ABM intelligent Battery management system can achieve four levels of charging, parallel UPS can share battery pack, the number of batteries in each group can be adjustable (30-50), battery charging temperature compensation and online detection function. Effectively detect the battery in the process of use, to ensure the safe and efficient use of the battery.

⦁ Cost efficiency
At the same power and load, the modular UPS has a 95 percent higher output efficiency than the traditional UPS. At the same time, the annual operating cost is only 1/3 of the traditional UPS, and the footprint is greatly reduced, which greatly reduces the required cooling system maintenance costs to 1/4 of the traditional UPS.

The application of Baykee Modular UPS

Different applications require different amounts of electricity, for example:

Production base: the demand of the factory is to ensure the stability of production. Once power failure occurs, it is lead to the consumption of production machines and economic losses.

Medical facilities, power outages will make surgery impossible and patients are suffering and even in life-threatening conditions.

In transportation, power outages paralyze the transportation networks and cause the inconvenience.

Data center: when a data center is being created and developed, it needs to provide critical power protection. In addition, it need to be provided more reliable backup power when the power supply is interrupted. In this way, it can ensure the normal operation of computer networks and other devices and prevent data loss.

All in all, reliability and availability is the core of UPS. Baykee Modular UPS is designed to apply in the area of Data center, Finance, Internet center, Telecom, Production center, Government system, Transport system, Medical system and so on. In order to achieve the flexibility and practicality, Baykee designs different cabinet sizes like 600*800*1250, 600*1100*2000, 1200*1100*2000 and customized according to the specific needs of customers. At the same time, our products have been recognized by testing institutions at home and abroad, and obtained high reputation from customers because of the good quality and excellent services.

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