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BAYKEE 120kVA Online UPS Used for the CT Device in Philippines’ Hospital!


BAYKEE 120kVA Online UPS Used for the CT Device in Philippines' Hospital

Last year, one of our Philippines customers purchased many units of our CHP3000 series 80kVA, 100kVA 120KVA UPS systems for CT scanners, X-ray and other medical equipment in hospitals in the Philippines. Now our customer feedback that our UPS system operates stably and has high impact resistance, Successfully guard the main medical equipment in the hospital to operate normally when there is power off.

This customer has been in the medical device business for more than ten years. He has also provided a lot of UPS systems for medical equipment, such as CT scanners. The customer has compared the modular UPS systems of other suppliers and our transformer-based online UPS CHP3000 series systems. As there is the instantaneous high current surge when exposure of the CT scanner or X-ray devices, the front end of the modular UPS have to add an corresponding power capacity AVR. and our CHP3000 series low frequency online UPS can be directly used in the front end of the equipment, our CHP3000 series transformer-based online UPS system is more impact resistant and more stable than the modular UPS system.

More details of our CHP3000 series low frequency online UPS please refer our production files introduction, or you can directly inquiry us!

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