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120kVA Online UPS

CHP3000 series 3 phase online ups

CHP3000 series 3 phase online ups is 3 phase in, 3 phase out low frequency online ups, we can make 220/380/400/415vac input or 110v/120/227v/480v input voltage according to different clients’ need. The largest capacity can reach to 1000kva(working in parallel)

of CHP3000 series 3 phase online ups

The 6th generation IGBT inverter technology. Built in high capacity transformer

Ultra-distinct interface information processing technology.

Input-output over-low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase protection, battery overcharge-overdischarge protection, output overload shortcut protection, overheat protection and alerting.

3 phases separately adjustment,balance stabilizing

Intelligent battery management, 3 stage charging mode.

High precision SMD technology


7”LCD touch screen voice alarm system

Surge protector and breakers

Dry contact Rectifier input and Bypass input Output, Battery terminals

Parallel interface Maintenance socket RS232 interface RS485 interface SNMP card optional

UPS Capacity From 10kVA to 600kVA Single Unit


Model CHP3010K CHP3020K CHP3030K CHP3040K CHP3050K CHP3060K CHP3080K CHP3 100K CHP3 120K CHP3 160K CHP3 200K CHP3 250K CHP3 300K CHP3 400K CHP3 500K
Nominal capacity (KVA) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 160 200 250 300 400 500
Power (KW) 8 16 24 32 40 48 64 80 96 128 160 200 240 320 400
Work Mode Low Frequency Double Conversion True online
Phase Three Phase 3L+N+G
Input Power Factor ≧0.9 ( 6pulse Rectifier+Filter ), ≧0.96 ( 12pulse Rectifier+Filter)
Rectifier ( Input ) Nominal Voltage 480vac/380vac/400vac/415vac or Optional 200vac/208vac/220vac
Range ±25%
Frequency 50Hz±10% or 60Hz±10%
Harmonic Current 6pulse rectifier<30%, 12pulse rectifier+filter<5%
Output Ripple Wave <2%
Soft Start 0~100% 5Sec
Charge Charge Mode Constant current, then constant voltage, charge with temperature compensation, automatic switch Between Equalized charge and Float charge, programmable timing battery charge-discharge automatic maintenance
Float charging voltage 432VDC
Equalized charging voltage 464VDC
Temperature compensation Voltage -3mV/℃/pcs
Charge Current 0.1C ( Automatic adjust according to battery capacity) Example: 100Ah battery, The charge current is setted 10A, or according the Charge time customer need
Battery Type maintenance free lead-acid battery, Optional Lithium battery
Capacity 7~999AH settable (capacity vary with power)
Number 384VDC(12v 32pcs or 2v 192pcs), Optional 360VDC (12v 30pcs, or 2v 180pcs)
Inverter Phase Three Phase +N
Output Power Factor 0.8
Nominal Voltage 480vac/380vac/400vac/415vac or Optional 200vac/208vac/220vac
Output voltage stability ±1%(steady load), ±3%(fluctuation of load)
Frequency stability 50Hz,60Hz<±0. 5% ( Asynchronous )
Crest Factor >3:1
Output Waveform distortion degree Pure Sine Wave, linear load<3%, non-linear load<5%
Dynamic Feature Transient voltage<±5% ( jump form 0% to 100% ), instant recovery time<10ms
Unbalance load voltage <±5%
Overload Protection 115% normal work, 125% 10 min, 150%1min, 200%1s
Efficiency 92% ( Full Load ) 93% ( Full Load ) 95% ( Full Load )
Bypass Phase 3Phase+N
Input Nominal Voltage 480vac/380vac/400vac/415vac or Optional 200vac/208vac/220vac
Output Nominal Voltage 480vac/380vac/400vac/415vac or Optional 200vac/208vac/220vac
Transfer Time 0ms (Static switch 0ms switch)
Protection Function Input Protection Voltage, Frequency ultra limit, Phase wrong, Phase lost
Output Protection Over current, Short circuit, Over Voltage, under voltage
Battery Protection Overcharge, Over discharge protection
Temperature Protection Environment over-temperature protection, Inverter over-temperature protection
Hardware Fault Protection Auxiliary power supply abnormal, breaker trip, fuse break, power device over current or overvoltage
Systems Parameters ECO Mode Can set the ECO Mode, High efficiency up to 98%
Voice Alarm Any failure will be alerted
Work Environment Ambient temperature: 0~40℃, Relative humidity: 30%~90%, altitude: <2000M ( power reduce 1% every 100M raised, 4000M utmost)
Cooling Method Forced Ventilation
Communication Port RS232, RS485, Dry contact interface, Optional SNMP card for remote control
Redundancy function Series Connection Hot Backup or Parallel, Parallel Current deviation≦5%
Anti surge capacity 10/700μS, 5KA, 8/20μS, 20KA
Protection Level IP21
Safety performance I/O on ground resistance (3000VAC), stray current less than 3.5mA, insulation resistance exceeding 2MΩ(500VDC)
Noise(dB) 48~55 55~60 60~65 65~70
Mechanical Size (W×D×H)mm 600×620×1250 700×620×1530 980×800×1800 1380×950×1800 1600×1200×1800 2000x1200x2000
Packing Size (W×D×H)mm 670×690×1460 800×690×1760 1050×870×2030 1450×1020×2030 1670×1270×2030 2000x1200x2000
Net Weight(Kg) 205 265 311 407 485 506 770 913 937 1350 1730 1800 1880 2030 3860
Gross Weight(kg) 236 296 342 447 525 520 812 955 980 1400 1780 1850 1930 2080 3910

Product details

CHP3000 series 3 phase online ups

Internal structure

Built in high capacity transformer

UPS inverter/filter/main boards

Each components is high quality, use DELIXI breaker and INFINI switch, also can use schnider switch based on different requirement

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CHP3000 (BAYKEE 120kVA Online UPS)

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