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Battery energy storage system for renewable energy
Battery energy storage system for renewable energy

Due to the effects of climate change, there is a global push to build up with resilience. Among them, it has become a global consensus to reduce carbon emissions and make energy continue to develop towards low-carbon, green, environmental protection, renewable and high efficiency. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to develop and utilize the inexhaustible and recurrent renewable energy, including solar power, wind power, hydro energy, electric energy and so on, to replace the fossil energy with limited resources and pollution to the environment.

In the context of energy transition, enterprises of all countries especially the power related want to quickly use new energy to completely replace fossil energy, but the current level of technology has made everyone feel that the energy conversion process of new energy is very long and time-sensitive. But wouldn't it be ideal if all renewable energy could be as mature and large-scale as fossil energy, without waiting a long time to get the energy when you are using them and the energy can refill themselves at any time?

In fact, we are no longer limited to imagination, the large-scale development of energy storage technology will be able to give a rapid development of new energy. This is the battery energy storage system and it is normally called BESS project. In the era when new energy cannot completely replace fossil energy, the earlier the distribution of research or technologies in the energy storage industry is, the greater the benefits will be in the future, just like a snowball. Afterwards, the higher the voice will be in the future business competition. Aerospace Baykee is one of the earliest high-tech enterprises engaged in the research and development, production and sales of energy storage, photovoltaic system and wind power generation core devices in China.

In energy storage industry high-speed development period, national policies in a timely manner, to the design, energy storage industry for energy storage scale development through standardized management and high quality development escort, through energy storage market trading, investment scale increasing, continuously improve industry chain layout, increasingly diversified business model, and application scenario to accelerate the extension. As a user-side energy storage application, Aerospace Baykee has taken the lead in establishing benchmarking demonstration project can effectively enhance the good social image of enterprises. Currently, the case study is for our project of 0.5MW/1MWh (BESS) container power storage system in the South China Power Innovation Technology Park. The 0.5MW/1MWh battery energy storage system consists of a set of 20 feet container, including a set of 1MWh lithium iron phosphate battery energy storage system (battery rack and BMS system), one set of 500KW power covert system (PCS), a set of energy management system (EMS) and auxiliary equipment.

Regard to the 0.5MW/1MWh (BESS) container power storage system, Firstly, in the energy storage system constructed in this scheme, in addition to the bi-directional inverter function, the PCS can also support the power grid, ensure the stable operation of the power grid system, provide the ability to resist short-term impact, smooth power supply, energy storage and electricity peak cutting and valley filing applications.

The system uses high-power, high-safety, long-life high-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have a better energy density and provide greater storage capacity for the same occupied area compared to depleted lead-acid batteries. The cycle of charge and discharge is higher, so it will not pollute the environment.

Then, standard communication interface like RS485, TCP/IP, so as to meet different system management and scheduling. All data access to the Cloud, real-time monitoring, to achieve unattended requirements. In the information age, information transmission of such large-scale power stations is also very important. Then, the EMS function in this system is also one of the most important factors. It provides data management, monitoring, control and optimization for the dispatching control center of micro-grid to ensure the stable and efficient operation of energy storage system. The energy management system (EMS) can receive the instructions from the superior dispatching system and monitor the operation of each equipment in the container system, including the extra temperature control system, fire control system, access control system, lighting system, etc.

Generally, the BESS project can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, including industrial and commercial energy storage, photovoltaic power storage, wind energy storage, thermal power combined frequency modulation and capacity limiting and a number of other power storage scenarios. Looking at this, you may think that 0.5MW may be too large or far from enough for the current plan, which we have taken into account in the design cycle. The capacity of the battery cabinet can be customized according to different technical requirements. The energy density of the module is high, and the combination can be flexible.

Now the world has reached a consensus on carbon neutrality, and the pressure of emission reduction is becoming more and more severe for different energy structures in overseas markets. Energy storage technology can be said to be the core of the new energy industrial revolution in China and the whole world's energy industry. As energy storage becomes the general trend, China's energy storage industry is also growing rapidly. Many emerging strategic industries add new impetus to the global energy storage market and constantly promote the large-scale development of new energy in China. If you and your business want to contribute to the global low-carbon initiative, do it now and contact us for more detailed information.

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