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Aerospace Baykee’s 22nd China Expressway Information Product Exhibition
Aerospace Baykee’s 22nd China Expressway Information Product Exhibition

On August 27-28, 2020, the 22nd China Expressway Informatization Conference and Technical Product Exhibition was grandly held at Chongqing International Expo Center. Aerospace Baykee brought network energy series, ETC integrated outdoor data room series, remote power supply, and lithium battery Star products such as UPS and EPS emergency power supply were unveiled. Aiming to promote the digitization of transportation infrastructure, Aerospace Baykee’s products have attracted the attention of many customers including traffic management bureaus, transportation commissions, highway bureaus, design institutes, engineers, and integrators.


The high-speed ETC gantry integrated data room for National high-speed "one network" project.

Application: Revocation of ETC project of provincial toll station.

Features: The cabinet supports customization, it adopts frequency conversion constant temperature and humidity precision air conditioner, which is more energy-saving and efficient; outdoor dedicated cabinet, water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-theft, 9-level earthquake resistance; double refrigeration scheme, which is more safer and reliable; The monitoring system comes with GPS positioning system, cabinet door is equipped with access control, and supports remote control.


The portable energy storage inverter is necessary for high-speed rescue and outdoor operations.

Application: high-speed rescue, emergency operation

Features: Trolley case design, small size, light weight, no noise; AC/DC high precision, free output; capacity can be larger, larger, and easy to expand.

Features: Lightweight, Trailer with wheels, Green, No maintenance required, with photovoltaic mode.

BK48 VS Generator

Lightweight and bulky

Trailer with wheels Two people carry

Green Noise, pollution

No maintenance required Regular maintenance

Photovoltaic mode None


Lithium battery UPS which is necessary for expressway informatization.

Application: Highway toll station, outdoor small computer room.

Features: Not just the UPS also has the function of micro-energy storage, low cost, high safety and reliability; space saving, convenient snap-on installation; mobile phones and computers can be remotely operated and maintained; one machine with multiple functions, standardized design can be used alone or installed use in the modular computer room.

Aerospace Baykee’s classic products such as EPS and UPS are currently escorting more than 60% of China's highways. The Chongqing exhibition has ended perfectly, but the Aerospace Baykee’s expressway series products and expressway technical service personnel will never stop, continue to chase after the victory with high quality, build a solid chassis for new infrastructure and new transportation, to help the transportation power.

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