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Aerospace BAYKEE SI series solar off grid hybrid inverter power supply solution
Aerospace BAYKEE SI series solar off grid hybrid inverter power supply solution

Recently, there are 14 units Baykee SI series solar off-grid inverters to be shipped to Afghan market to provide more efficient and stable uninterrupted power supply solutions for Afghan people. SI series capacity is divided into 3KW and 5KW and can be widely used in powering all kinds of home appliances or office equipments, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.

BAYKEE SI series solar off-grid hybrid inverter power supply is a pure sine wave input solar energy storage inverter, which integrates MPPT solar controller, main power bidirectional converter, and DC bidirectional converter to realize solar inverter power supply, feeder network, energy storage, main power supply, energy storage and battery inverter. Designed with Baykee high-technology, this SI series of solar inverters possess the following characteristics:

  1. Super energy-saving standby mode:After the energy saving mode is enabled, the machine automatically enters the standby state, and thebatteries are charged by solar energy. If the AC input and solar energy input are abnormal, the machine will automatically shut down; when the AC input or solar energy input returns to normal, the machine will automatically start and enter standby mode.
  2. Strong protection mechanism and self-awakening function
  3. Automatic detection and adaptation of grid power strength
  4. With intelligent output function, gives prioritytoguaranteeing the power supply for important loads. The loads are divided into the important loads which need priority to power supply and general loads. The system automatically controls the power distribution according to the remaining energy, to ensure that priority supply to important loads. In the case of limited batteries and photovoltaic panels configuration, which can extend the backup power supply time of important loads as much as possible.
  5. Support WIFI intelligent monitoring system.
  6. MPPT maximum tracking solar power. tracking efficiency≥ 99.5%.
  7. Pure sine wave output, suitable for office and home use.
  8. Use LCD display, support high-definition touch screen display module
  9. Level of protection IP20
  10. Intelligent air cooling design to reduce noise
  11. Have AC priority and DC priority running modes, and can be switched freely online.When the photovoltaic energy is sufficient, the energy is output to the load through theinverter after MPPT tracking, and the excess energy is input to battery packs for charging. When the photovoltaic energy is insufficient, the solar energy and the battery packs supply power to the inverter at the same time or the mains bypass operation. When the battery energy recovers during bypass operation, it automatically switches back to the inverter output.
  12. Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-high efficiency transformer-based isolation architecture
  13. Strong overload capacity, 1 minute delay protection when overload is 125%; instant protection when overload is 150%.
  14. The standard design of household lithium battery energy storage, perfectly matched to the lithiumbatterysystem.

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