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Aerospace BAYKEE Online Outdoor UPS Advantage
Aerospace BAYKEE Online Outdoor UPS Advantage

When using Online UPS power outdoors, users need to choose the dedicated outdoor UPS power products. BAYKEE online outdoor UPS power supplies have the advantages of high temperature resistance, dust resistance and moisture resistance. We adopt full digital control technology, high-precision SMD technology, and the sixth generation low-loss high-power IGBT and static switch to be power components, and use digital control technology with online programmable high-speed microprocessor (MCU) as the core, completely solves the interference of the harsh power supply environment to network communication equipment and power supply interruption. The perfect interpretation of the essence of Aerospace BAYKEE digital circuit technology, with the excellent performance and 100% adaptability to the grid environment, is widely used in the communications industry, outdoor communication stations, radio and television, aviation and other fields.

  1. Very good environmental adaptability. The online outdoor UPS integrated cabinet adopts IP55 protection grade, with dustproof and waterproof functions, to meetthe use of harsh outdoor environments. Anti-high and low temperature design, the cabinet adopts design measures such as shading, heat insulation, and temperature compensation to maintain the internal temperature of the cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the host and battery, can adapt to normal operation under the environment of -20℃~45℃. With lightning protection and other surge protection, the system is equipped with a pluggable lightning protection device not less than 1.2KV/10KA to effectively prevent lightning damage to the equipment.
  2. Strong power grid adaptability. Ultra-wide input voltage range and frequency range, the maximum input range of mains can reach 110Vac~300Vac, and the frequency can reach 40-60Hz, fully adapting to the harsh grid environment. The input is equipped with high-voltage protection circuit, which can withstand high voltage beyond the input voltage range for long time without damage. The online double conversion structure can completely eliminate the interferenceof the power grid spikes, noise, harmonics and other communication equipment.
  3. Variousoptions can be added on demand. We provide a variety of optional installation accessories to meet various installation requirements such as pole-holding, wall-mounting, and landing. Can provide the optional function of secondary power-off. When the batterypacks are powered, the secondary loads can be disconnected as required to ensure the backup power supply time of the primary loads, and it can provide the secondary power-off dry contact signal. SNMP card can be installed to realize remote network monitoring and management, and provide real time UPS data and information.
  4. Advanced technology and powerful functions. Adopt advanced digital microprocessor control technology to simplify the control circuit and improve the stability and reliability of the system. Using power factor correction technology, high input power factor, reduce the harmonic pollution of UPS uninterruptible power supply to other equipment, to improve the utilization rate of the power grid, and reduce UPS operating costs.Which is cost-effective green and environmentally friendly power supply. The efficiency of the whole UPSis greater than 90%, which reduces the loss of UPS itself and reduces the temperature inside the cabinet.


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